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    “Weird Paranoia” at Valve, Says Former Employee

    Having worked in a very relaxed office with a pseudo-flat-management structure before, this account of events doesn't surprise me. Friendly bosses who are more likely to invite you for a drink than scold you, completely free dress codes, and the ability to move around and collaborate with...
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    Giant Bomb's Ryan Davis Dies Aged 34

    I discovered Giant Bomb pretty late on, probably some time in 2011. I didn't form a special attachment or get super involved in the community, but I there's a uniqueness to what they do and Ryan was a massive part of it. It was shocking to read he'd died considering he's such a constant presence...
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    Xbox One

    MS gave journalists some hands-on time with the new controller and according to Jeff Gerstmann the triggers don't really do haptic feedback. Instead it's like just two extra rumble motors in the pad, on top of the two that were in the old one, but used to provide a kind of specific rumble for...
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    Cya buddy

    That's rough, Stern, my sympathies. That sort of thing stays with you. Still got a photo in my wallet of my dog who I put down in 2005, the same pic I posted on this forum the following week in fact. At least you know you did your best by him.
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    Shooting in games

    Doesn't sound like you've played Max Payne [email protected]? It used the same Euphoria thing as GTAIV and RAGE, so enemy deaths were pretty satisfying. Graphic exit wounds and post-mortem bullet wounds also present.
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    Aliens : Colonial Marines

    It looked like shit even back then, reactions from 18 months ago in this thread are testament to that.
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    Anyone else love the Steam mascots?

    Every time I've seen them talked about elsewhere the reaction has been negative but I've always liked them. They're not obnoxiously designed or over-used and there's a fair sense of personality to them. Nice little winter vignette for the sales. EDIT: get your damn hats off, Christmas is OUVAH...
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    Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Hanukkah, and Nothing (for the Athiests)

    Sitting here in my new polo neck tee and jeans, sniffing the veg that's cooking in the christmas roast, sipping some Thornbridge Raven Black IPA and waiting to feast. The beer is a pale ale but it's black have I blowng ur mindyet And don't forget the most important thing about Christmas...
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    This Holiday season is bankrupting me, but I'm wanting to gift people fun co-op games.

    Tried Renegade Ops? One of my favourite games of last year. The difficulty doesn't scale in coop, so it just gets easier as you add players, but that's not necessarily a bad thing depending on who you're playing with. Edit: Magicka's also a laugh, plenty of griefing potential.
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    Games: Rate and Discuss

    That's a fair summation, morgs. I'd probably say 4/10 if I'm feeling generous. For me the evasion levels ruined the assassination element in more ways than one, since I was so fatigued by the time I got to the proper hits that I barely wanted to go through effort of doing them properly. Plus, I...
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    Farcry 3

    You can get it for 25% off at greenmangaming if you use their winter discount code. EDIT: my bad, looks like that isn't the Steam version.
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    Hitman: Absolution

    Instinct I think might be fine if it wasn't so intrinsically tied to the broken disguise system, but it is, so meh. Speaking of appropriate doses, though: escape as a theme can be cool, yes, and all of the previous games had some kind of escape/evasion section. Silent Assassin had the set-up...
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    Hitman: Absolution

    I should have said 'there is no way to restart' rather than 'there is no way to start'. Backing out to the Main Menu and selecting a level is a bit of a continuity breaker and discards your score progress for that run. I also tend to stay away from level select options until I've completed one...
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    The Walking Dead

    I didn't think Episode 4 was very good. I thought Episode 5 was great. Before, I was scoffing at the GOTY talk regarding this game. Now I just don't know. Telltale really shat a gold brick with the writing for the finale. Still all choked up. ****, now I have to go back to the bullshit of Hitman.
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    Hitman: Absolution

    The voice acting and story delivery in general is really weird. Bateson's delivery is great for every line. If they hadn't got him back this game would have really felt cheap, considering the overall package. Keith Carradine also puts in a good performance. But some of the others, eg. Birdie...