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  • The friendship system on here sucks anyway. There's so many damn people and it's impossible to really find and add all the people you consider friends. Me for example, I've been doing the friendship thing for a long time, adding a bunch of friends, and every few days I find a new person who I consider awesome because they've been around the forums forever, and I just hadn't seen them before to remember to add them.

    So many people :eek:
    Nice reply in the fake mugging by Democrat thread, couldn't agree more. Not that its big a deal, freedom of speech on both sides means he cant tell me to do shit. Look forward to seeing you in the next Euro thread, if and when it arrives, lol. Peace.

    Hey what does Laivasse mean? Whenever I see your name I think of Diarrhea.
    Also get a haircut.

    I've been really impressed as of late of the quality of your postin
    g especially in politics. I enjoy reading what you write :)
    Keep up the good work!
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