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    Happy New Year!

    New Years; have a happy one. Christ it has been a while. A damn long while.
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    Whats your favorite class and why?

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    Looking for a healthy diet

    Breakfast: -Weekdays: Cheerios or 2 Steam Rolls (Okami Brand from Costco) -Weekend: 3-4 fried eggs with chopped up Sourdough mixed into the eggs beforehand. That's each Saturday and Sunday. Lunch: -Weekdays: PB&J, consisting of Shepherd's Bread, Trader Joe's Creamy Organic peanut butter...
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    Err, classier in the sense that it's more about evoking beauty (or whatever you want it to evoke), especially as opposed to busty women kneeling in front of cars laden with decals. But oh well.
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    My image is classy. Your images...aren't quite so; that said, I still appreciate what you have to offer.
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    Need more ladies up in this thread.
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    Controversial suggestion!

    Indifferent, seeing as either way people are going to end up exploring anyways. I know I will. Edit: Argh, a fresh start would be nice, though. Decisions, decisions...
  8. L Minecraft Server

    Are there still some things you guys need to smooth out, or am I just not on the whitelist anymore? Username: d00t (those are zeros, by the by) Just in case.
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    Screenshots(! ! !)

    I must be having crafter's block, because I have no ideas for anything.
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    Server Needs a New Home

    I'd be more than willing to put forth $5, and if I'm particularly merry, possibly $15.
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    Projects Thread

    I'm interested in creating a freebie-bin of sorts, but on a somewhat large scale. I love exploring more than anything, so I'm just stocking up on shitloads of resources, ultimately. I'll only do this if there's room in the spawn, though; and also if it's allowed.
  12. L Minecraft Server

    So nothing bad happens (performance wise) when somebody marches for 1 hour straight, due east? Or does the code prevent wonky stuff happening when somebody does this?
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    I popped in for ~3 minutes today, seeing what I could before my render distance crashed me. From what I've seen, there's a lot of activity&building in and around the spawn area. I didn't even get to the outskirts of the whole thing, so I guess it's rather large. Hopefully I can claim a decent...
  14. L Minecraft Server

    I'm guessing there's just standard server etiquette here--nothing I should be aware of (ie: special rules about where to build/enroaching on resources inherent to the map), right? If there are rules as such, I'd be interested in knowing them, especially if it's integral to my remaining a...
  15. L Minecraft Server

    I probably won't get in on this until much, much later. I still have to sort out what little 'skill' I have. But anyways: Name: d00t [those are zero's, yes]