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    Steam Refunds Now Accepted

    The policy we have all been waiting for and with very fair conditions. I've never found myself in such a situation, but it's nice to know I have that line of safety. Although it'll be interesting to see how this takes a toll on Steam Support response times. I feel like Valve may have been...
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    In Search of a Server

    Old post, but this is so true. I used to frequent a 24/7 Hydro server that RagedGamers operated which had many regulars. That map can certainly offer some amazingly fun and tense rounds. It's just a shame Hydro and TC in general doesn't get much love. The TC mechanics offer a pretty dynamic...
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    Steam To Introduce 12 New Currencies

    Definitely a welcome change. I have to remind myself occasionally that the price I see is not the price I am being charged. I'd still wanna know the US price before picking a game up though since I've already spotted a few games charging more than it should be with the exchange rate trends.
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    Interesting folder in Home Directory

    I am not so sure about how you are using "reported". Do you mean you reported my post using the report link (if so: ??) or did you mean that this particular detail has been reported (either a while back or fairly recently)? I just found the word was used a bit ambiguously; apologies for my...
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    Interesting folder in Home Directory

    I was browsing files on my Linux machine when I noticed a new folder called "openvr" in my home directory. Inside it are two more folders, one of which is called "oculus" while the other (more intriguing one) is named "vortex". The folders are both empty, but I expect this might be where the...
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    Steam autumn and winter holiday sale leak

    If this turns out to be true, that'd be awesome. Though it would be a bit dumb of the developer to screen cap the majority of the e-mail window. If Valve keeps a record of when each one of these was sent out and to who it was sent, tracing that back wouldn't be that difficult.
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    More SteamOS References Found in Steam Beta Update

    Exciting! I'm extremely curious to see what Valve has in store for SteamOS in terms of its functionality and design. I'll definitely have to make preparations for a new partition before this becomes available.
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    Steam Announcement #1: SteamOS

    Dr. House: Using YouTube as an example, rendering 1080p takes around 5 Mbps of bandwidth. So considering a router can handle much more traffic than that, I'd expect far better quality and not as much compression loss as you make it out to be. Concerning CPU/GPU usage, of course it's going to be...
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    Steam Announcement #1: SteamOS

    Router bandwidth should not be a concern. Most routers support AT LEAST 50 Mbps with higher'ish end ones supporting 100 Mbps plus (numbers based off tech from over a year ago, so chances are figures are higher now). That's more than enough leeway to get a good image. Device latency will be a...
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    Three Announcements From Valve Next Week, Hardware Incoming?

    First reveal will happen at 1pm EST on Monday.
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    Three Announcements From Valve Next Week, Hardware Incoming?

    That image gave me a good laugh. It is so symbolic of how far some HL fans will go to stir up a theory about the next game's release.
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    Source 2 & Left 4 Dead 3 Appear On Valve Changelog

    It would be nice to see Valve work on a new IP. I don't know, something fresh and out of Valve's ordinary.
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    Sven Co-op Stand Alone Announced

    Interesting they chose to make it a standalone title. It's probably for the better though since now everyone can try it out.
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    Steam Trading Cards Leave Beta

    I think it's an interesting addition, mainly the customization aspect. Adding little widgets to display things I find significant/interesting to me is very nice. It certainly adds more of a "me" aspect to my profile. The backgrounds look pretty slick as well. Though a small part of me does...
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    Steam Beta Update Hints at Borrowing Steam Games from Friends

    Good point, however, games are not movies. Watching movies in theatre or purchasing them on DVD are also cheaper (typically) than buying brand new games. While games don't necessarily have to have hundreds of hours of gameplay packed into them, they should at least allow for various experiences...