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    U of Texas shooting in progress

    Noone messes with Texas. Let this be a lesson.
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    ANOTHER oil rig explodes

    Sabotage by Greenpeace. Damn beatniks
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    Valve Have '3 Big Surprises'

    Half-Life 2 in the Half-Life engine.
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    UK Defence Secretary Calls For Medal Of Honor Ban

    Well, I can understand certain sensitivities might be upset, but a ban is not the right way to go.
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    North-Korea - Strong!

    There's no chance that it means Galicia in East Europe? The Galicia link on the NK site returns a 404.
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    admadhinejad "attacks" octopus paul

    Why doesn't Amadinnerjacket pick on someone his own size?
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    Muslim "Extremist" who threatened creators of South Park = white dude from DC

    "Zachary" That's not a real name.
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    StarMonkey? Who?

    Does he still exist? Does he still live in Essex? Happy Birthday Starmonkey, whereever you may be.
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    Brits build next gen UAV

    Looks like an anechoic chamber Our debt's bigger than your debt! *waves debt around*
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    If you annoy me one more time I'll show you my boobs

    Just been lurking and generally not contributing much. Hey Stern, you've almost got as many posts as me! Although I suppose I'm discounting the 15k posts that got erased from your record :E
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    N Korea seeks $75 trillion in compensation

    Kim Long-John-Il will finally be able to afford that Nintendo Wii he's been wanting.
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    If you annoy me one more time I'll show you my boobs

    You're being generous. Do you fancy her or something?
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    FIFA World Cup

    England to get to the quarters and go out on penalty shootouts. As usual.
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    Video games made me do it. specifically Deus Ex

    That guy in the police department is the G-man. Episode 3 and Deus Ex 3 neatly converge.