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    Black Mesa is probably the best Half-Life game.

    I got about half way through when it was free then I bought it on sale after they started charging for it. I downloaded it and meant to play it but then I had 2 children and now I don't have time. I'm going to fire it up tonight and play it while my other games do their endless patches and...
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    To Those That Stand, Those That Fell

    I still check in every once in a while. I was never that involved in the forums, but I feel sad that they are pretty much vacant now. It all started with the Valvetime re-brand. Everything was rosy before that.
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    how's it going, what's up in your life, and who are all these people

    Sup Dulksodds. Not bad man. Became chartered (Accountant), got engaged, trying for baby. I have no idea.
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    what is ur favorit emot-icon (lol)
  5. kazsymonds Minecraft Server Preservation Board

    I probably do, from when I hosted. I'll have a look later if you're interested. Recently, I've been nursing a minecraft semi. I'm tempted to give it another go for a few months.
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    I haven't played in months, mostly because I find the game lonely :( I'd love to play with some other guys. I'm UK, though.
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    Diablo III launch thread. Post your battletags.

    I'm Kas#2499, I'd love to play with you guys.
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    Battlefield 3

    You can still MAV elevator dude.
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    Satellite Shenanigans

    I wouldn't be an expert on that dude, but I have seen a lot of Galaxy S2's lately, may be popular place to start? I wonder if there's any crossover between the apps for the s2 and the samsung tablets?
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    Satellite Shenanigans

    I have such a nerd boner for this app right now, this game looks awesome. Maybe release to Droid and then iPhone 4? Just thinking that your target audience might be the tech savvy people, and they tend to use android? May be generalising with that, though. Also, Droid probably has the biggest...
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    Game Nears the Brink

    Guys, they have Deus Ex:HR for £7.99, I just bought it! Hooray for corporate failure!
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    Battlefield 3

    I only ever see Unfocused and Dynasty online. I'm still not accepted into the platoon :( Goodbye, cruel thread.
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    New Xbox Won't Have Disc Drive

    It says they will use proprietry solid state storage. So basically, we're going back to cartridges, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Makes sense, it will perform better.
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    Battlefield 3

    Any chance one of you that's in charge of the platoon can accept the request I sent to join? I never see any of you online.Why wouldn't you play?
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    An Introduction to

    He's got a blinding cockney accent. Excited for the change, I had wondered if we would still be here in 50 years time still talking about GMAN theories and why Episode 3 isn't out yet.