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    Go on, go get it! You know you want to. *sigh* The good old days, amirite?
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    Weird arabic spam on the forums.

    As someone from Egypt, I can try contact the number for kicks if the admins give it to me, if they want. They probably deleted it though.
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    Nice lighting and pretty good level design. The biggest problem probably resides with the Source engine itself; to me it seems that if this was for Source 2 (not yet, obviously) or Unreal it be a lot better, not simply for rendering improvements, but because of a better workflow that would help...
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    Has anyone seen this yet?

    Transfer 380 volts? I dunno, that's not really a standard voltage, so this may be entirely wrong.
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    Windows 10 thread

    I'm a game developer and college student, and I use a wide variety of programs (3ds Max, Visual Studio, tons of games, Office, etc). I've been in the beta test for a few months, and I've found no awful bugs so far. It's an awesome upgrade. It's far better than Win 8.1 and 7, IMO. The design is...
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    Valve is boring and I don't care about them anymore

    It's AMAZING how gamers have no patience whatsoever. Despite facts that we KNOW they're making two new games, people keep complaining. Source 2 may have been presented poorly, but that's the only negative thing you can say about it. It's a vast improvement, and while I'm waiting for something to...
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    Dota 2 "Reborn Beta" Source 2 Client Revealed

    What, are we living in the 90's? All I'm seeing is that you don't like a certain style, which most people either accept or like, and are issuing death threats over them. *claps* I'm POSITIVE Valve will respect your opinions now. Also, I freaking love the new UI, and can't wait for the next two...
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    Half-Life 3 Non-Linear or Online... ?

    Thanks. I love that a lot about VALVe, too, but, personally, I believe mechanics, pacing, and a lot of other minute details depend on the feel you're trying to present. It works with both Half-Life and Portal for different reasons: In HL you're a scientist: you don't know much about weapons...
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    Half-Life 3 Non-Linear or Online... ?

    Hey. I've been following the site for a long time, but just decided to make an account now, in response to this. In my opinion, unless Valve's leaks were controlled, they're definitely working on HL3, And I sincerely doubt they were. I also think Half-Life is really good at integrating lots of...