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    What Is Cheesiest Pick Up Line You Have Ever Heard?

    Cheesiest: "If you were The Matrix I'd be The One" The one I use: "Hi, my name's James, what's yours?" Works wonders....
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    What's up with the moon?

    Prove to me that you're real first, and not just a figment of my imagination...cause I don't have to prove anything to figments of my imagination....
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    What's up with the moon?

    But it's still identified, as the it's just a phenomenon of the lunar cycle....
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    So, uh... what d'ya do?

    I own my own photography business, and to keep busy during the day I work as a manager for Best Buy
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    I have the trick that will help all of you nerds get a girl!

    I'm going to hell...NOW! Hey one for ya (just insuring my ticket to hell)
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    I'm back...

    Ya know, for like half of a second, I missed having a stalker....
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    I'm back...

    Que "The Imperial March"....
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    I'm back...

    Well, it seems to have totally slipped my mind to have posted this, so here it is.I'm actually back, and plan on staying. It had gotten back to me that most of the smearing and rumors had finally come out as false(besides one, but I already posted to that, and it was closed, so meh). Anyway, I...
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    Guesses on who Gloria was?

    Who else misses the days of rule by an iron fist with people like this?
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    have I lost my taste for good movies or are they getting worse?

    I have never seen anyone try so hard to start flamewars... Just be glad I'm not someone that can ban people.... /EDIT: just as I say it, it happens....hmmmm.... //for old times sake.... *Banned*
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    OMG I am back (kinda)

    Where abouts in California?
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    Magic rock building video... Soooo frikkin trippy

    Wow, I hate tap dancing now.... /is creeped out //very badly
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    The origins of the word "pwn"

    Btw, not to nitpick, just some useful info, it's id software, not ID or Id or anything else, as well as being pronounced like did without the first d, and not pronouced I.D. id comes from "psychoanalytic theory, the division of the psyche that is totally unconscious and serves as the source...
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    Staring at boobs is good for your health

    Sex is still a better workout than just staring...
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    Jack Thompson "officially certified sane." Yep....