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    Look at this GIF

    I said carrot. How does it know?! What is this witchcraft!
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    Broken Hearts

    Only if they turned to dust.
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    Dollhouse Go to these places for guidance on how to save the show. And even if you watch live, DVR and watch again.
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    Wow, Skaadi posted. She's alive!
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    Wolverine angry at Cell Phone Interuption

    Hugh Jackman and his Australian-ness bug me, but he handled this well.
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    No girlfriend?

    I don't want anybody. The idea of coupling sickens me. The more you get to love someone else the less you live for you. I like me too much to do that to myself :P
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    The Vampire Diaries

    I like that this show exists, because it will make the vampire craze go away just that little bit faster.
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    So I'm joining the military!

    Don't die. I lol'd.
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    How much do you sleep?

    I have a routine. I go to bed at 1am and get up at 7am. Every day.
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    Aladin - The non-disney-live-action-movie

    The guy playing Aladin looked like an Indian version of the funny-looking Japanese guy from Heroes. I hate Bollywood. This film kills my inner child.
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    My Stepdad is a ****ing dick.

    People actually talk about cars?
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    I don't think anyone but the bald should wear hats.
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    What pocket do you carry your wallet in?

    The left pocket of whatever jacket I'm wearing. If I'm not wearing a jacket, I just hold it.
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    Films: Rate and Discuss

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - 8/10 - large improvement over the previous five in acting skill, however they screwed up the book's ending majorly. I would have sat there for another half an hour to see it done right. Skaadi, who was with me, however would not have been prepared to make...