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    Half-Life: Alyx announced

    I'm so old that I'm genuinely worried they will put vent crawling into this Half-Life game, because my knees have been ****ed for a while now.
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    Latest Member: Test User

    So which YouTube channel told you about E3 2020? It will probably be worth not listening to them anymore.
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    Half-Life: Alyx announced

    I'm so old having waited this long for a Half-Life game that I'm excited to use VR to tidy up the messy shelves near the end of the trailer.
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    Kerbal Developers Depart Valve

    In mid 2017, former Valve employee Roger Lundeen revealed a group of developers from KSP - the team who developed Kerbal Space Program - had joined Valve and were working on a new Valve title. A year on it appears that both Kasper Nahuijsen and Jose Palacios have left Valve. Interestingly...
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    Moondust Tech Demo by Valve [Video]

    A while back Valve shipped out the Knuckles EV 1.3 developer kits to VR devs, a new hand controller which improves upon the original Vive Wands. Knuckles EV2 is the next iteration and improves upon the original design in many ways, including ergonomics, battery life and new sensors. The new...
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    Valve and Perfect World Announce 'Steam China'

    Today Valve have announced a new version of Steam, 'Steam China' that will bring Steam's catalogue of games to the Chinese market. Historically, Valve have licensed versions of their titles to Perfect World. In doing so, Perfect World have adapted Valve's titles localising them for the Chinese...
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    ValveTime videos discontinued?

    We have never done that. Valve often have sponsored items for other games / events around TF2 / CSGo and Dota 2 and they are hugely successful and earn incredible revenues, some of which goes into crowd sourcing prize pools for things like The International.
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    Marc Laidlaw releases Half-Life 2: Episode Three's plot

    I will add an additional comment that I found this a beautiful ending to a story I have very much cherished all these years. I would have loved to have played the game, I would have been content it ending there. Half-life 3, should it ever have existed should have been a new beginning as the...
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    Marc Laidlaw releases Half-Life 2: Episode Three's plot

    I felt like I could add a bit of substance to Marc's wrap up to the Half-life universe by adding the context of the Episode 3 concept art by Andrea Wicklund which we came across back in 2012. We believed the art to originate from 2008. Although the story may have evolved somewhat since then, the...
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    Cold Case #1: Valve Voice Actress - October Moore

    Sometimes our research and investigation for proposed articles can lead nowhere. We consider these "Cold Cases" that have reached a dead end and are subsequently canned as articles. Sometimes, these investigations can hinge on us contacting individuals who may be associated with the subject...
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    How are our Venezuelan brothers/sisters doing?

    Hey Raz, I still speak to RJ on occasion...I checked with him how he's doing and he's moved away from Venezuela so he's not affected by the unrest there at the mo thankfully :)
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    I met Glenn and Nick on saturday

    I've been in North Carolina 6 times and you've never met up with me either! Well the truth is I've been living in Canada, Sweden and Australia for the past 4 years pretty much, when I got back I've moved to the midlands so I'm only in London for fleeting events or family occasions. Give me some...
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    I met Glenn and Nick on saturday

    Yeah I tried that get-out clause but when the real guy is standing in front of you he takes no shit and makes you keep trying until you get it right. After a while we defaulted to just grunting and pointing. Unfortunately for you @ríomhaire we bumped into Sulkdodds not long after but complete...
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    Staff members please contact me

    You should have Steam Guard enabled going forward, it's likely they won't be able to help much more. Read this: Valve no longer duplicate items unfortunately.
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    Please contact Steam support to report the individual you traded with by locating their correct...

    Please contact Steam support to report the individual you traded with by locating their correct Steam profile.