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    Leonardo doesnt give a ****

    We need to go deeper.
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    Fight the Foot

    You'd think you'd be used to it by now considering it's your 4th account here.
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    Garrys mod error

    Can't really help you then.
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    Hyperbole and a Half

    Motion seconded and approved. This is now the catch-all thread for Hyperbole and a Half. Meeting adjourned.
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    Happy New Years,,

    Happy new year, you ****ers.
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    Larger PM Limit?

    An alternate solution right at the bottom of your inbox page:
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    Garrys mod PROBLEM!! HELP!!!

    You buy it. Seems you're in luck because it's on sale for half price.
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    Pastor caught with fur coat & laptop of others says she was protecting them

    Another religion thread turning to shit? Colour me surprised.
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    L.A. Noire (New Rockstar PS3 title)

    Haha, is that Ken Cosgrove?
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    GTA 4 Graphical Glitch PISSING me off

    I've got a pretty similar setup to yours (2.4 GHz Q6600, 1GB ATi 4890, 4GB RAM) and I used to get this glitch sometimes when I start up the game but it would go away if I restarted the game or changed/lowered the display resolution. Since yours is the Steam version, I assume you've got all the...
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    Missing bin Folder

    That's probably because it's not legit.
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    Left 4 Dead 'The Sacrifice' Media Released

    Pretty much what I heard. Valve couldn't get a hold of Jim French but a GIS of his name sure finds something.
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    Dead State (Zombie Survival RPG from the Makers of the first two Fallouts)

    Gee that search function sure comes in handy sometimes.
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    Splinter Cell Conviction

    It's US only, I believe. :(