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    Gman Theories

    Not disagreeing with you or anything, but I don't think gman is Gordon. Though it may be true, I don't think its possible.
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    Zombiepocalypse Lego style

    That's pretty cool. Next thing we know, there's going to be a Twilight zombie apocalypse, or something of the sort.
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    It was Valentine's Day

    I got a box of chocolates. Holy Crap, it was delicious.
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    I stopped at 2:07 because I was dying inside.
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    Video Dump I (POST YOUR RANDOM/GOOD/FUNNY VIDEOS HERE) Good old mature humor.
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    Who's looking forward to Mass Effect 2 ?

    I started playing it a few days ago. I barely have 10 minutes of play time. It is amazing.
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    Take a look at his username: Sniper99. HE'S 11 YEARS OLD. He most likely does not have a good taste in video games. Though the avatar of his is pretty awesome.
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    What Are You Watching?

    Archer - new on FX Men of a certain age - new on TNT they're both pretty good
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    Australia finally goes full retard; bans small titties and squirties from porn

    It sucks to live in Australia. Imagine, a world without publically available porn... *shudders*
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    Man in court over Simpsons porn

    That man is an idiot. Who makes a child CARTOON porn? Apparently, that sick and twisted man. EDIT: tries to make a child cartoon porn?
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    Kids are Bastards (especially Dog--)

    Same here. I was bouncing off the walls when ever someone came to visit. They then banished me to my room....
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    Kids are Bastards (especially Dog--)

    Yay. All those years of medication didn't do crap...
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    What Do You Want This Time

    I want it to actually end. It's not that I don't like it, I just don't see why they have to prolong it.