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    Portal 2 Gameplay Videos in HD [Updated]

    I thought it sounded quite natural.
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    Perils of Summer Sale: Sunday Update!

    It's not as if they'd pull it because it's not good, it's just possible they never managed to get anymore keys for it. Anyway, Prey was alright. It did some pretty cool things. It's not an amazing game but I still think people should check it out if they get the chance. edit: Wasn't Metro 2033...
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    Tour Of Valve's New Office

    Take your hands out of your pockets!
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    Portal 2 Officially Announced
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    Portal 2 Officially Announced

    Man, I'd better get a friend, pronto.
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    Shamu the killer whale does what killer whales do best MURDERDEATHKILL

    I see what you did there.
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    Who's looking forward to Mass Effect 2 ?

    You get story spoilers from that? Wow.
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    Kids are Bastards (especially Dog--)

    At what point in the article does it say that ADHD doesn't exist?
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    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 LE On Steam

    Yeah, god forbid too people would watch your advertising.
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    UK raises terrorist threat level to severe

    I would've thought after the last 'attack' they'd have lowered it. "Terrorism threat level lowered as people realise Terrorists have trouble bombing their own underwear."
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    Worst ****ing Fads You Banned

    Yeah but ****ing Dutch with their clogs. I liked Pogs.
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    Child Porn at British Airports

    The law says it's pornography. There's two things I'm saying. 1) The Law says that Child Pornography is a certain thing. 2) The Scanners produce an image that violate that specific law. And that's it. I'm not being patriotic, I'm defending the sodding Guardian. Saying that the...
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    Child Porn at British Airports

    British Laws on Child Pornography. Do try to keep up.
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    Child Porn at British Airports

    It's not a moral panic. Read the story. It's saying, "Hey, these things you're rushing in after a Terrorist scare actually break existing laws." Not "OMG PAEDOES ARE LOOKING AT OUR CHILDREN." It's a story from the Guardian for ****s sake.
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    I'm bored, worth trying Eve online trial?

    It was a trap. They left it there for someone to steal. They sort-of abused a mechanic meant to protect low level players (ie, the Police coming). But that sort of thing is fine in EVE. I've tried three times to get into Eve and each time I've ended up spending the end of it just docked in a...