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    Artifact Dota2 Card Game

    Looks like ValveTime site is dead. Can't believe I didn't see this here.
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    What are the leaked "hl3.txt" and "rpg.txt" files all about?

    This is incredibly interesting, but it in essence tells us only one thing. Valve wanted this found. We have no other information. Valve wanted us to see this. Asking why can only lead to more questions and no answers. Is this current HL3 development code? Is this old code? Is this...
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    Weird arabic spam on the forums.

    I translated it for kicks. It is 100% nonsense too. It isn't even advertisements or something. It is just insanity.
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    Half-Line Miami released

    Looks awesome. I'll check it out after work.
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    Steam High Definition pack and TCs

    I don't think that question is so basic.
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    Hands-On With The HTC Vive, SteamVR & ApertureVR: ValveTime Spotlight Exclusive

    I would guess it will be paired with a "Portal" game. Considering we've already seen incredibly detailed Portal assets they have created. Perhaps some type of puzzle game. Playing as a mechanic similar to the demo would be a good way to show off the ability to physically interact with your...
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    TF2 "PASS Time" Beta Gamemode Released

    I'm a huge TF2 fan, but this looks terrible. It doesn't even look like it is worth playing.
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    Smach Zero (formerly Steamboy) pre-release price and date

    Smach Zero is a third party hand held device running Steam OS. It is not Valve's device or even being announced by Valve. The article you linked even clearly states third party.
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    Half-life 3 "Wish List"

    A small episodic prequel of the 7 hour war could be interesting. Why not throw Adrian Shepard as the player character? I'm not sure why a game where you play as Barney sounds boring, but an Alyx prequel sounds interesting?
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    Half-life 3 "Wish List"

    I am terrified that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will come out, and it won't be able to live up to the original.
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    Windows 10 thread

    Just in case anyone doesn't know. You can remove the live tile pane by unpinning all of the tiles. I've seen a number of people complain about it. This gets you something pretty close to the standard start menu.
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    Has anyone seen this yet?

    Could be a 'w' 380 watts would make more sense imo.
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    We are watching, you should too!

    Please tell me people cannot possibly be that dumb.
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    We are watching, you should too!

    Why spend hours making this when 100% of people know you are trolling instantly? I don't understand the motivation.
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    Half-life 3 "Wish List"

    People seem to really like Adrian, but I honestly don't want him in the primary HL story. That is why I feel moving him to a contained area would be useful. Appease his fans without him being in the real HL3. He totally has. I could see him being in the primary game for sure. The idea was...