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    The International 2016 Announced - August 8th thru 13th

    I'll be in foreign parts on holidays again. Valve really need to start scheduling The TI International around my timetable.
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    I met Glenn and Nick on saturday

    In Lahn-dahn or?
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    APRIL FOOLS: Valve Sold To HTC For $4.2B! - ValveTime Spotlight

    I would have thought it'd be Valve buying HTC
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    GabeN Is Oprah!! - ValveTime News Round-Up (15th February 2016)

    Hang on, when did you start calling him GabeN like dirty proles, rather than Gabe?
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    Half-Life Mod “Sven Co-op 5.0” Out Now on Steam!

    I remember randomly meeting Angry Lawyer in Sven CoOp back in the day then playing with him for hours, what crazy happenstance.
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    What are the best albums of all time?

    Favourite song = too narrow and variable, favourite genre = we saw how that ended. But what do you think are the best albums ever released? I'll start (with a few of the very obvious picks), feel free to comment on them or others. Rumours - Fleetwood Mac (1977) Hugely influential, full of...
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    10,000 aliens from aliens vs 10,000 bugs from starship troopers

    Assuming no reproductive caste from either species, xenomorphs for sure. With Queens and whoever reproduces on the bug side it depends on whether facehuggers can implant bugs, and if not whether there's other life around they could implant. It'd be a battle of attrition.
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    HTC Vive Retail Pre-Orders Open February 29th 2016

    The Vive will cost roughly the same as the Rift I think. The Lighthouses and Controllers are relatively cheap and off-set by Rift extravagances like the custom fabric cover an fancy box. The front-facing camera specs are an unknown however. Compared to that although Oculus are selling the...
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    "HTC Vive Pre" VR Headset Revealed at CES 2016

    DK2 had a far simpler IR camera compared to that needed for Touch. They need higher resolution along with the high refresh rate in order to track multiple LEDs further apart and at longer distances. Constellation works the same in principle, but it's been applied a bit differently. IR LEDs on...
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    "HTC Vive Pre" VR Headset Revealed at CES 2016

    Oculus motion tracking is probably more expensive than Lighthouse if you think about it. Constellation requires 1 (or more) high-def infrared cameras with a high refresh rate. Lighthouse uses simple IR sensors and the basestations, which are pretty straightforward. Constellation was designed...
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    I ran into some biozeminades yesterday

    They're going to be mind-blowing in VR HL3, guise
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    Western Mechs vs Eastern Mecha

    I think much of the debate is about aesthetics rather than realism, which is personal preference really. With the dawn of consumer VR I really want some Mech piloting games. We're getting a variety of cockpit flight games, but a proper Mechwarrior would be amazeballs.
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    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3 Trailer

    It's just better with a zero article rather than the definite article. It's English, innit. "The" Phantom Pain makes it specific, if you leave it off you have an indefinite reference which is more intriguing as there is more implication that it can be referring to multiple things.
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    TF2 Update Hints At "Invasion" Alien Update

    the capitalisation of Words in this Thread is all over the place i'm confused.