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    The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

    What I was trying to get at was the fact that this trailer falls completely out of the scope of a 'Batman' movie that Nolan could really have just titled this something else and it would have been just fine. Batman begins was awesome. The Dark Knight was alright. This just seems like all...
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    Help my brother get a scholarship!

    That's the spirit man! Thanks!
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    Help my brother get a scholarship!

    Guys, there is no need to over think this. This nationwide organization is judging the entries based on essay quality and 'likes'. I know how it looks but can you please help out by clicking the like button? I realize it's too much to ask but I would really really appreciate the few seconds it...
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    Help my brother get a scholarship!

    Come on fellas, no need to be all scrooge like. It only takes a few seconds, or a couple of minutes if you read it, to click the like button. I know it's not completely based on the number of likes but I feel that every little bit helps. Thanks to everyone that's done it though! Greatly...
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    The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

    Lets all be even more honest, this whole trailer is all sorts of stupid. Its so all over the place that I have no clue what the movie is about at all. It just looks like a jumbled mess. Looking forward to seeing Anne Hathaway as catwoman and thats about it.
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    Help my brother get a scholarship!

    Haha Shem, yeah he's not at all like me :P Deathmaster and Neutrino, I appreciate the input but at this point the essay is submitted and all I ask is a simple 'like' if you can spare the few seconds. You can go ahead and like the others too but I would greatly appreciate it if you also did to...
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    Help my brother get a scholarship!

    My brother is trying to earn a scholarship for a study abroad opprotunity in the summer. His essay has to earn the most 'likes' in order for this to happen. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could go to the link, scroll about a third down and hit the 'like' button...
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    Gaining weight?

    Go to a gym and gain muscle mass. Why would anyone just want to gain useless fat? If thats what you want though, just eat bacon all the time.
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    Breaking Bad Season 3

    Wow. That ending was waaay too intense. /back to not posting
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    Choosing between two pills

    I would choose the one that makes it so that you wouldn't think to try to make a funny thread and fail at it.
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    Choosing between two grills

    You're not capable of grilling anything that those grills will appreciate, so stop shopping for grills. That goes for everyone.
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    I'm quite sure he meant the system32 folder itself, not a particular file. And yeah, that folder should be read-only. I wouldn't use a program that decides the best way to install itself is by throwing it's junk in an important system folder like that.
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    Post Your Desktops the "Willie will give you bananas if you do eet" Edition

    I'm suprised this hasn't been transformed and stickied into a "Desktops: Rate and Discuss" thread like all those other threads that were already fine as they were.