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    how's it going, what's up in your life, and who are all these people

    I still lurk around here every now and again. I'm about to start my second to last semester (CS), and I spent the summer in Omaha for an internship. Also, the 2 bedroom apartment I share with a couple friends in northern California is $900 a month with water/sewer/garbage included, since we seem...
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    Obama answers your questions on Reddit

    The AMA was announced ahead of time. She pre-wrote her question. She's been interviewed by a reporter, and she wasn't a plant.
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    My somewhat-near-death experience, and ponies

    The place I live is among the only areas in the country to escape this year's heat wave. I doubt it was above 80 degrees more than a handful of times this summer. The record is 87 degrees. I'm not looking forward to moving somewhere that doesn't have such an agreeable temperature range.
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    Strange sighting

    A mannequin perhaps?
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    My somewhat-near-death experience, and ponies

    Glad to hear you're alright. Don't mind the brony hate; it's a legitimately enjoyable cartoon, even without prescription painkillers.
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    Man in goat suit seen living among goats in Utah mountains

    The only half-reasonable explanation I've heard for this guy is "very dedicated nature photographer," but nobody could actually make out any camera gear, so... goat sex?
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    Breaking Bad - Season 5

    Franch, man. It's a hell of a thing.
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    How I picture all of ye

    Ooh, do I post often enough for you to have developed visually expressible opinions about me?
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    Avatar: The Legend of Korra; it's steampunk

    The Air Chakra deals with love and is located in the heart. That scene makes a lot more sense with that in mind.
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    S.F. gay rights advocate arrested over child porn

    I assume the police were mystified by the strange plastic tablet, until a passing wizard explained its archaic use to them. I also assume we're going to see a big upswing in idiots conflating homosexuality with pedophilia.
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    Stern levels critical!

    Ah, but they're not looking for people to see the links; they're looking to improve their pagerank with Google. Most forums, though, are configured so that search engine spiders can't see links on the forum, which I think Valvetime does. Edit: Incidentally, I've gotten 9 hits from this site (7...
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    Stern levels critical!

    One of the forums I frequent is so inactive that about half of the posts are spam bots (or, more accurately, people getting paid some pittance to post the spam). Their posts are generally just on-topic enough that nobody bothers to get rid of them, and I'm not sure Google can even see the spam...
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    You too can own a portrait of Andrew Breitbart as a heavenly warrior

    He appears to have some form of dwarfism in that painting. Achondroplasia, perhaps?
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    South Korea removes Evolution from textbooks Thankfully, most of the news stories I found were about judges forcing school districts to remove...
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    South Korea removes Evolution from textbooks

    Man, you should try being an atheist living in the US. Americans don't give a **** about being internationally mocked, and so feel free to go full derp with this stuff. Fill yourself with enough self righteousness and shame stops working. Creation museums and warning stickers in biology...