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    DE_Nuke Redesign Coming Soon? (9th Apr 2015) - ValveTime News Round-Up

    I hope Nuke does get a redesign, its in need of one. I wouldn't mind seeing both Dust maps get a redesign as well.
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    Who looks at this thing anyway?

    Who looks at this thing anyway?
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    Happy Holidays From ValveTime 2014 + Christmas Giveaway!

    Those cookies look sooo good! :D Dang it, now i want some to eat!
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    Jurassic World Trailer!

    The Park opens June 12, 2015!
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    New ValveTime Design: Let us know what you think!

    This is what you did while I was away! I like it.
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    Steam Dev Days Media Released

    Hey guys doesn't this image look familiar :D - For those who want to know where it is, its on the video talking about tf2 and portal 2 args.
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    Secret Santa Discussion 2013 - Merry Everyone!

    Wish I could join in. :( But I hope everyone has fun doing it! :D
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    Dota 2 Team Discusses Diretide Absence, Announces Return

    ༼ ᕤ◕◡◕ ༽ᕤ
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    Steam Machine Prototype Revealed + Details

    Well if it wasn't for the fact that I don't have a job. Then maybe I would.
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    Steam Machine Prototype Revealed + Details

    Well I don't have a console, and it would be nice to play my games in my family room and not spend all the time in my room, on my computer. It's also a better setup then I have for my computer.
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    Steam Machine Prototype Revealed + Details

    Now I really want one. :cry:
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    Diretide and the Silence

    I admit the Volvo thing was funny, but now it has gotten waaaay out of hand.
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    TF2 Halloween Update - Fifth Annual Helloween Special

    Why does Valve keep reusing old maps for new updates? I understand it's faster to mess with, but I'm kinda tired of getting a reused map for an update. The only new map I believe we had was from last years Halloween update.