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    Half-Life 3 is Coming... Not Sure When!

    Valve sank into money and forgot / lost interest in Half-life 3 long time ago, Not to mention the many of people involved in Half-life series left the company (Including some who worked on few HL3 stuff), So meh .
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    A Left 4 Dead 3 reference shows up on Valve's wiki

    I won't be surprised if it's another "ha ha , you're an idiot" joke considering the other crap last few years .
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    Half-life 3 "Wish List"

    I'll i want is to finish the story i didn't finish in HL2 Episode 2 , and of course gordon to stay the way we all knew him .
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    RUMOR ! - Half Life 3 most likely never coming out (sorry)

    While some of those facts were somewhat correct, Machinima gets no love from me, because of how they treat their talents.