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    Rome Total Wat : Boring after a while

    I gave up a while ago too, but I'm now keeping my eye on Chivalry: Total War ( It'll be like M:TW \o/
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    What will happen when HL3 comes out?

    it's been said before (i think)... redirects here at the moment.
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    Must... Resist... World of Warcraft...

    told you! you should move to europe! or maybe you can open the North American Chapter of the Order of the Crowbar or something :D
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    Must... Resist... World of Warcraft...

    i create a Gnome Mage on Beta 7 (PvP) see you all there folks!
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    Must... Resist... World of Warcraft...

    i have an affinity for gnomes and dwarves (especially ironforge) :o but i'll definitely make a Horde char for retail so no worries there. i agree with the idea of forming a guild. but i don't think we'll be able to actually call it "". i think something along the lines of...
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    Must... Resist... World of Warcraft...

    yeah you can create your account straight away but i think the servers are down for the moment. one thing though, on the registration page i can't for the life of me find the UK or GB!'s not on the list...the nearest there is to it is 'Britische Jungferminseln' which means...
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    Must... Resist... World of Warcraft...

    i was planning on being a Gnome Mage, but i don't mind being Horde. i'll probably be a Tauren Druid or something. let me know what you guys have decided. EDIT: i can't seem to register my account either. keeps taking me to an Error 404 page. servers must be packed already :/
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    Censorship, Auntie Beeb and Jerry Springer the Opera

    i bet you of all the people who saw the show, only a tiny fraction are furiously fumbling for their letter writing pens and opening a dialogue with the commisioner of the BBC while watching songs of praise and listening to the sunday service. the thing is, by and large, most people - even...
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    Bush=idiot (confirmed for 99999th time)

    'successful' is a subjective term. it also helps that bush was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, whereas i can take a wild guess and say none of us have even a tenth of the wealth he has at his disposal.
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    Must... Resist... World of Warcraft...

    our version is different to the US version. we have all the experimental stuff that Blizzard wants to try out on the beta testers first before they release it into a retail atmosphere in the US. there was a big hoo-ha on the EU WoW boards about the CB guys having to re-download the client...
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    Ruined, absolutely ruined..

    that's ****ing disgusting. i hope they get what's coming to them, it should teach kids not to act up playing the 'ard bloke :hmph: i'm glad you kept a clear head badger. if i was there i would've decked all three of em with pleasure. at least you're all in one piece, probably shaken, but...
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    Why do you all hate america?

    the people who do that are just ignored on these forums as far as i can see. i've seen one, maybe two direct insults directed towards the general american public, naturally said individuals were flamed to hell and back (by american and non-american members). it's not as bad as everyone...
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    Must... Resist... World of Warcraft... !!!!!!!!! at last! :D :D :D see you all in a few years :o
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    Must... Resist... World of Warcraft...

    wise words. i got mine this morning :D *pushes fastforward on his time machine* :imu:
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    France vs. EA

    he was born in Corsica. he won each victory in the name of france and became the french emperor for a time. i'm pretty sure the majority of soldiers who fought in his armies were french nevertheless.