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    Erik's Back

    Jack's back, baby
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    Who's about?

    Odd that I haven't posted here in 6 years. Seems like just not too long ago this site was part of my regular routine. Sup
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    Origin names

    Dalamari I'm just that damn creative
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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    wood-elf, archery bonus
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    Halp me choose a car

    Subaru WRX You could get an 02/03 for around that price and it'll be more reliable than any of the other cars available in the same price range. They're damn quick as well.
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    Post a screenshot!

    The core gameplay isn't different at all, shooting and driving feels the same as the first two. So if you don't dig that, stay away
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    Post a screenshot!

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    Post a screenshot!

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    Post a screenshot!

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    Post a screenshot!

    Sup bros
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    Deus Ex Human Revolution

    Second boss fight can suck a dick, I give up
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    Post a screenshot!

    Got a new PC months ago, finally getting around to taking some "slowly stroke myself off to graphics" shots
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    Phones 'n' stuff

    HTC EVO 4G over here, **** yeah.
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    Spotify music player is holyshitawesome

    This. Spotify has shit all for music, I couldn't find most of what I wanted to listen to. Also, ads
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    Call of Juarez: The Cartel

    This. I loved the first two, but this looks like trash