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    Did you guys know Zelda: Skyward Sword comes out 11/20?

    Ha. Ha. Ha. Slow clap. What a genius.
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    What do you find the hardest about picking up...

    Girls are like thick gravy
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    I drew Alyx :3

    Oh god, this is hilarious :laugh: i love it
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    New Guitar :3

    Now you need to post some music, and not just photographs of your guitars ;)
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    Some New Drawings

    I have no idea how No limit's stuff reminded you of those. This is not a comment on no limit in any way, they're just nothing alike
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    Your absolute favorite instrumental tracks

    +1 for sleepwalk by brian setzer, and the birth and death of the day by explosions in the sky, love those songs 2 from me ps, nobody's a fan of classical music here? ;)
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    Another Novint Falcon Giveaway!

    392 .
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    Failed date.

    Link her to this thread
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    Spicy Food Tolerance

    Eating food shouldn't hurt! :P I wouldn't think about the scoville scale too much. Just eat what you like. When you get too hot it all just starts to taste the same anyway. Painful. Do you mind if I ask why you're trying to bulk up like a bodybuilder, but with eating chillis..? No offence but...
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    Spicy Food Tolerance

    Why are you eating raw chillis like fruits? I love spicy food of all kinds but I don't eat chillis raw like that. I don't think I've ever known anyone who does either, no matter how distant. If you're trying to build up a spicy tolerance or something then I definitely wouldn't go about it by...
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    Spicy Food Tolerance

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    Spicy Food Tolerance

    Instead of making fun of my spelling why not just keep an open mind and try something new. Who knows, you may prefer it. I do. TAbasco is rubbish.
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    Spicy Food Tolerance

    I can't believe some of you recommended tobasco. That's easily the worst tasting hot sauce to me. Sriracha and Cholula are probably the nicest mainstream ones I've found so far. Neither are ridiculously strong but the Sriracha is a little hotter I think.
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    Testicular torsion?

    What MiccyNarc said. One of my friends in school had one completely randomly and had to be rushed to hospital because of the pain.