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  • oh crap it dit it again, it keeps posting that comment in the wrong conversation? sorry.
    jack off u pedofile!!!

    that was a joke, just in case. unless you are a pedofile in which case F**k off.

    but no offence intended.
    I think we may have a pedofile in our midst! get back in your hellhole sick-minded creature!
    edit: sorry wrong conversation, that was aimed at mechanicallizard.

    it was also a joke.
    u got a lot o' friends man, and I've been here around 10 times as long as you? tis weird
    Yes, in the old times it was more worse, like going to -40 C, but now, thanks to global warming it's warmer. BTW we have some real fights with Russia. Russia hates us and we hate 'em so Russia so it's possible that at the end of 2009 Russia has occupied Estonia , like they almost did with Georgia. I sure hope NATO will protect us!
    Ah, the UK. The weather is same here too. Right now it's falling snow and raining. At the same time! But last week there was a emergency situation in here and all schools and universities:)cheese:) were closed. snow was about 2 meters thick. and it was -36 C. Horrible winter we have. Of course Russians, by turning of the gas, don't make it easier. I have no warming system now, so i must keep myself warm with....LIQUER!!!! ups i am not sure if i spelt it rite.
    Ammm.... In winter it is from -15 C to -35 C and on summer its +30 C to +40 C. Right now it's about -20 C. In south estonia. But in north there is colder on summer and hotter on winter. Et umbes nii jah, aga noh, mina ei vingu!
    With all the new members wave, you and some others seem to have the most potential to become a regular. So welcome!
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