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    Valve to unveil a "Flagship VR game" Half-Life: Alyx this thursday

    Now, that means I gotta buy a VR headset...
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    Kerbal Developers Depart Valve

    I don't think VALVe will ever make a game again.
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    Talk about a blast from the past
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    Marc Laidlaw releases Half-Life 2: Episode Three's plot

    Goodbye, Gordon.
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    Who or 'what' is the Overwatch Voice?

    I always assumed the same thing
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    There may actually be an ARG

    Time... Is it that... time again? -Gman
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    A very merry Christmas giveaway!

    I am entering this.
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    I've compiled a list of (some of) the best free iPhone games

    @Vegeta DLing the planet simulator from your link right now, so far it looks good.
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    Texture Packs

    Doku's packs (and their many remixes) truly are the best. Otherwise, for a more minecraftish feel (and by that I mean 16x16), Eldpack is one of the best:
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    I've compiled a list of (some of) the best free iPhone games

    Being an avid iPod gamer, I've acquired quite a collection of games and curated a small list of some of the best games for iPhone/iTouch that are free (no "lite" versions). I figured the touch gamers of might be interested, if so you can the list here...
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    Valve Won't Be Attending E3 2011

    That's a bummer.
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    Returning Alien Creatures

    Op4 and BS were licensed by VALVe and their storylines were written, in part, by Laidlaw, they ARE cannon for now. -
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    STEAM text now all in Italics, wth?

    Hello everyone! The title pretty much says it all, all my steam text is now in italics, what gives? Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm think the font file may be corrupt or missing so that's why it's resorting to the Italics version but I do not know what font steam uses.
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    Portal 2 delayed, E3 Surprise "Portal 2 Themed"

    How did I not see this coming...