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    Manny Llamas' Half-Life artwork

    I love the look of those alternate Headcrabs/Symbiocrabs. Would be great to see those implemented into a future Half-Life game when/if we ever get one.
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    Valve Partners With HTC To Create "HTC Vive" VR Headset

    The idea of Valve doing a VR headset didn't excite me that much, (it did excite me, but we're seeing various companies do it now) but to see it being done in partnership with HTC is pretty damn exciting.
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    Valve Soundtracks Added To Steam To Celebrate Steam Music Launch

    I've had Steam on the open beta since just before the Steam logo was changed, I managed to find out what the issue was though, I didn't have the games in question installed. Once I installed them, I was able to have the soundtrack in my library. The odd thing is, Portal 2's soundtrack was...
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    Valve Soundtracks Added To Steam To Celebrate Steam Music Launch

    Might have overlooked that bit. ;) - I have indeed, which is rather peculiar as it does the same thing through a browser.
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    Valve Soundtracks Added To Steam To Celebrate Steam Music Launch

    I've not used Steam Music yet, so this obviously made me interested in adding these to my collection, but whenever I click to download one of them, it takes me to a page to confirm if I have a Steam client or not, despite actually doing it through the client. When I click 'Yes' - it goes to...
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    I think the G-Man is Cave Johnson

    Portal Gun? Gman: Let's stare at Gordon for a few seconds.. Gordon: ... Gman: Now I'll walk around the corner so that Gordon can't see me. Gordon: *Runs around corner to find Gman* Gman: *Whips Portal gun out of briefcase* *Portals away* Gordon: ...
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    Yet another E3 Poster - Fake?

    Want to explain why? I want to believe in this, but in a way, I just don't.
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    Choppy Sound in HL2

    It's most likely a porting bug as hot says. You can try reducing the resolution that it's working with, as that can cause sound issues, if other people are having this problem on a MacBook, then maybe you should report it.
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    What happend to Father Grigori?

    Many times I've played, he often walks into the fire that explodes as you leave behind the gate. So I'd guess that he sacrifices himself, and joins his 'congregation'. His only way of survival is escaping City 17.
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    Yet another E3 Poster - Fake?

    Hey guys, only just registered after posting this on several other forums, it's not a troll post, it's just merely something for discussion. Some posters have been going around, even after Gabe Newell announced that the E3 'Surprise' was not Episode 3. Is he lying to keep it a surprise? If it...