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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. help needed

    I found a good STALKER mod that was released recently, called Priboi Story. Actually it was released earlier but it's been updated now and more worth playing. This mod features a whole new storyline and objectives. Download and read about it here...
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    Natasha's slowing effect

    I was ambushed by a heavy carrying natascha around a corner and tried to retreat but I was moving slower and failed to get away. I think I was playing soldier or medic, it might depend on class speed.
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    company of heroes help needed please!

    I don't get any crashes with the latest version (I have windows 32 and a dual core processor) . Problem could be vista, or maybe it has been fixed in the latest version, perhaps you could list your other specs like video card. Also you should probably ask this here...
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    Temp Fortress 2

    Spy is in the scene after the credits.
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    Is this game still popular?

    Didn't you originally say it was the best mod for BF2 then said it was ok? Did you play the versions before 0.7 when forming a positive opinion because I remember that a lot of people left the mod after 0.7 because of the whole gameplay change to make it more "realistic". Not that I really play...
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    Potential for Hilarity.

    Really, LOL? I just wanted to see how someone would respond to that.
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    Potential for Hilarity.

    I typed out what is already displayed before you type in the question section and got this: All conversations are public. ~~ You asked: Get real time answers from people in real time. Type your question here and get connected instantly! There may be somebody online who can help you. ~~...
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    Pyro Upgrade Dated and Meet The Sniper Released

    Heh, that was fast. This is going to be a good week for me.
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    Lost Season 4

    There are 14 episodes this season in total. Originally there were going to be 16 episodes but the writers strike ended up causing them to only film up to 13(however they managed to film a 14th episode before the time was up). The finale will be on May 29th and will have 2 1 hour episodes shown.
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    Zero Punctuation: Grand Theft Auto IV

    LoL at the beggining with the HL2rebel reference.
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    Lost Season 4

    Yeah I felt that Gman vibe as well. Yes he doesn't age, it was proven in the first Ben flashback episode.
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    Portal: The Flash Version MapPack

    Hmm this could be interesting, I'll try it out.
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    The Office : US

    Yeah Creed's my favourite too. "...somebody making soup?"
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    Lost Season 4

    Other way around I think. He didn't push the button.
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    Guess that Avatar!