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    what is it pathos?

    Why is Valve refusing to accept it's going to be like the TV market. You NEED exclusives now, you have to use that money you have left to KEEP DEVELOPERS.
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    RIP Valve, Epic here we go!

    This stratification is a growing pain and happens in every media form, to be an avid TV watcher you need no less than 3 services. In theory this should be good for the consumer, but I don't really think it is going to be. All I know is a part of thinks Valve asked for it. They kind of got run...
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    Hey my dudes, So traffic... is what it's at. The people left, true loyalists. What if there was a way to redirect, to reinvigorate interest in gaming software and bring some folk back, along with some new blood. Open discussion.
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    What are we to make of this?

    Metro disappears and reappears on another launcher along with TWD: Final Season... is this just a passing thing? Is this kind of market proliferation and competition good? This is some true punctuation on the end of an era. How exactly is this any more or less fair than virtually stealing the...
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    RIP Valve, Epic here we go!

    @-smash- @Hectic Glenn @Barnz Revising OP as I was intoxicated (imagine bhc doing that) but what are some thoughts on this? ed: can you not edit thread titles on XF? I'd be happy to change it.
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    RIP Valve, Epic here we go!

    Update: Epic scores Division 2, The Walking Dead: Final Season and Metro: Exodus as exclusives Valve has very forthrightly spoken toward the issue directly on the Metro store page: I was trolling at first but this is becoming a real thing.
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    ARG or Easter Egg found inside Danger Zone update

    What if Valve made a game that wasn't cards in the next ten years :O
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    RIP Valve, Epic here we go!

    CS F2P Battle Royale and a direct gut reaction publisher fee reduction. Every Fortnite kid out there seeing the new storefront competition.
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    Marc Laidlaw releases Half-Life 2: Episode Three's plot

    imagine if valve got a shit about anything but steam and VR, lmao
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    thinking about a lambda tattoo or crowbar or both at some point as well :V :A :y
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    no posts in image dump in 2 years

    bumping this dank-ass thread \m/
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    Who's about?

    Man, of course I remember you.
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    I'd just like to say Congrats to Myself on my 9th post.

    Happy 10th post, BHC
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    I'd just like to say Congrats to Myself on my 9th post.

    I love how I am building my post count so well again. You here, Pi?