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    Is Angry Lawyer still on

    I slept with your collective moms. -Angry Lawyer
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    I don't really believe in the paranormal, but I had that matchsticks thing happen to me. -Angry Lawyer
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    alpha centauri B might harbor an earth-like planet

    Yeah, but it'll at least give us something interesting to fight :D -Angry Lawyer
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    D.I.P.R.I.P. is Now Available

    Badass. -Angry Lawyer
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    Cuteee Animals! :D Cat eating a sour lollipop = win. -Angry Lawyer
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    Who Has The Best Hair: edition

    I love Sam's face. He is ze best. -Angry Lawyer
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    Coders of, need your help!

    Thank Cthulhu for String.h -Angry Lawyer
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    Dealing with Arrogance

    Ultimatum him. "Dude, you keep doing that and I stop associating with you. Make your choice." -Angry Lawyer
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    The person you really are...

    Pretty much the same, to be honest. -Angry Lawyer
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    Smoke: a London Peculiar

    HBD <3 -Angry Lawyer
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    Who Has The Best Hair: edition

    You don't have to scream... To say something that you honestly mean. -Angry Lawyer
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    Phun Phun Phun!

    It's beautiful! -Angry Lawyer
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    Who Has The Best Hair: edition

    Cry if you want... It's the return of no sensitivity. -Angry Lawyer
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    Scientists: KillBots may pose a threat to humanity

    True, but the media is full of dumbies. -Angry Lawyer
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    US strategic plans for defense agains megamorphs (aka...cloverfield)

    [Citation Needed] -Angry Lawyer