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    Atheism, sociobiological construct?

    I just wanna post something here if you allow me. Jesus loves you! That Jesus that died in the cross for our sins, that Jesus that has nothing to do with religion, that Jesus that ressurected and is alive! Seek him, seek the truth. Not methods. Read the bible. He is returning
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    Jesus is returning

    Jesus is returning
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    What Would You Guys Want From Half-Life 3 ?

    I would like Half Life 3 to be released. Yes, i still believe. I want to believe
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    You're cool, Aizawa.

    You're cool, Aizawa.
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    Good night

    Good night
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    Half-Life 3 Puzzle Solved

    The Aizawa is a Spy.
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    "When we announce Half Life 3, we’ll do it our way"

    i think valve is really announcing Half Life 3 their way... i'm feeling it, HL3 announcement is coming next year, if not this year.
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    I've always wondered...

    lol haha yeah, thats why
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    I've always wondered...

    well, that suit of armor never covered Gordon's face.