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    Your favorite WWII shooter?

    Red Orchestra!! On a side note cant wait for the new one coming out!! O and DoD is a close 2nd!
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    Red Dead Redemption Official Thread

    Stayed up until gd 4am with my friends just messing around in free roam which is only a slice of the pie....needless to say this game is fun as hell!
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    Red Dead Redemption Official Thread

    Me and 3 other buddies are going to pick this bad boy up at midnight tonight! WOOHOO or I should say YEEHAW!!
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    Just Cause 2 Demo is Out!

    Holy shit I LMAO when you first drilled that tree! :laugh: Im gonna have to try this demo out now.
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    SupCom 2

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    Surprise Sony sequel announcement this Thursday on GT

    That would be badass! Loved Demons Souls!!
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    SupCom 2

    Just curious if anyone has played this yet?? Me and a buddy picked it up last night and we couldn't stop playing. It seems to be much more simplified but not in a "dumbed down" bad way you would think. Also it runs 10000x better on both of our machines as compared to SupCom 1 and it looks better...
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    Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Beta

    ^ This ^ Also one can only imagine how a true BF3 on pc with the larger teams all running on this engine would be! Can you say epic!
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    Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Beta

    The beta is AMAZING and I hated bad company!! Ive never heard sound like this in a game before its unbelievable, again even better than the first. It reminds me of BF2 a lot which is not a bad thing at all. So DICE give us BF3 for PC on this engine and Ill be a happy camper! MW2 what???
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    Dragon Age: Origins

    Human Arcane Warrior here hoping I picked a good one! Game is pretty dam fun so far and as everyone else has said Im gonna be putting in a lot of time on this one.
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    Just finally got an XBOX, Need A Good Online Game

    You enjoyed the SP really? I thought it sucked but then again i only made it about two missions in. It basically felt like a MP match but with bots, hmmm maybe I was to quick to judge.
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    Just finally got an XBOX, Need A Good Online Game

    Wait two weeks and get Modern Warfare 2!!! You wont regret it!
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    Not BF3 but might as well call it BF3.

    Didn't like Bad Company at all because everyone was a GD bullet sponge and it took to many dam bullets to kill someone. Ill pass on the dumbed down rubber bullet console gameplay. No Ill wait for the true BF3 being made for PC.
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    Haha Christian Bale the robot!
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    Battlefield 2 Patch 1.50 on September 1!

    Hmmmm trying to get everyone back in the (PC) Battlefield world in preparation for BF3 in the not to distant future perhaps?!?