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  • Yeah same, there was actualyl on TV last year about some old couple that bought some old military cold war bunker to live in, what was awesome was all the equipment like internal phonelines etc were still there and functional so they could for free call eachother inside the bunker and stuff, and it was a fairly large bunker!
    I was just kidding, I wish though.

    There's a great broadband company over here called Bahnoff, they actually have their entire business in a decomissioned NBC bunker, seen it, effin' awesome, imagine someone bought an 80s nuclear bunker, then refitted it with neon lighting and shit, it felt like something taken out of Akira(the manga/anime if you've read/seen it)
    I was thinking the same thing, the more time progresses even more the gap will widen between NK and the rest of the world's technological and financial development, eventually NK will have no choice but to either democratize and modernize or collapse.
    So, I'm gonna be an ass and disturb you some more, do you reckon the DPRK will collapse in on itself any time soon, like the coming 20-30 years?
    When I use a mic when playing games people usually tell me I sound like him so I do impressions of him when it's appropriate, like when someone owns me or team-kills me I say "You son of a bitch!" the way he does.:p
    Well you see Sweden was renowned for the incredibly high quality of its iron etc.

    And I guess the German's felt it would be more disruptive to iron production if they invaded us, so instead they just encircled us and thus made themselves the only ones who we could sell our iron to.
    We don't have any direct access to the arctic though, since Finland and Norway own the land that borders to the arctic sea.

    Hence why Germany didn't feel the need to invade Sweden when they had conquered Norway and Denmark and allied with Finland, they controlled all ways in and out of our country, by land, sea and air!
    Sadly only thing truly noteworthy we make from a military perspective is our subs, which are considered to be top-contenders for the worlds best military submarines.
    Well, at one time we had both Norway and Finland, all we were missing were the damn Danes, but then again, Danes suck!
    Did you know that my country was a (European) superpower once?

    Even going as far as doing a false-flag operation to get an excuse to declare war on Russia!
    Well, personally I think you should both bomb eachother to hell so that Japan can annex you again and declare itself the Empire of Japan once again!:p
    Yeah, there's no doubt that a resuming of the war will be extremely costly on both sides, both in terms of infrastructure and loss of life.
    I like you, it takes balls to have ones capital city be so close to the enemy that it can be leveled in what, 60 minutes in case of war?:p
    I'm 20 to! What a coincidence, it must be fate!

    By the way, what do you think about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Korea being shut down by the South Korean government?

    Personally I think it sucks, but I can understand the South Koreans during this precarious time don't want to strain their relationship with the Americans, in case North Korea resumes hostilities in the Korean War.
    Sometimes it's so hard to tell whether you're a troll or just plain crazy!

    How old are you anyway, Numbers? 23?
    Haha, I've been sick all this week, it's quite tiring walking with dogs 2.5-3.0 hours in a quite forested area.:p
    I don't know man, I started out with a basic idea, but I got really bored half way and just, finished. Now it is what it is.
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