Have you ever wondered how much money you have spent on gaming on Steam’s platform? Did the thought, “How much is my steam account worth?” ever cross your mind? If have no clue about the total amount spent on gaming on Steam but you wish to know, we’ve some good news in store for you.

Steam lets its users check the total amount of money they have spent on its platform since their account was registered. This effort has been undertaken only recently to help users trim their monthly spending on the platform and tame down their gaming habits.

Another reason why this measure has been undertaken is that a lot of Steam accounts get hacked easily. When a player knows the total worth of games they have bought on the portal, they will be better able to protect it.

No matter what the reason, this new feature is surely exciting for Steam users to a point where they are making YouTube videos to showcase their total account worth. One user was even reported saying that these results made him realize he must reduce his time gaming and start saving some bucks for his kids.

While many users are taking advantage of this feature, some are still confused as to how to find out how much is their steam account worth since they are oblivious of the process. Secondly, some are having a hard time understanding the results. All of these matters have been covered in later sections of this write up for readers to educate themselves about how it goes about.

How to Find out Steam Account Worth?

The steps to find out your Steam’s account real worth are given below. Follow them:

  1. In order to find out your total account worth, you need to visit: https://steamdb.info/calculator/.
  2. Enter details such as your profile URL, your SteamID or your CommunityID.
  3. Select the currency you wish to get your account evaluated in.
  4. Then click the button ‘Get Disappointed in Your Life’.
  5. The results show you the total amount of money you have spent to date on video gaming over Steam’s platform.
  6. The results also include details about the number of hours spent on the platform, games owned by you, games not played, your real name, activity status, last login, and profile creation date.
  7. This link allows users to check the stats about multiple accounts.
  8. Alternatively, users may use the ‘External Funds’ page to find out the true value of their account.
  9. This page requires that users sign in to their Steam account and then visit the Support tab.
  10. In this tab, they will find the ‘My Account’ option. They need to click on it.
  11. After that, they need to click on Data related to your steam account>External funds.
  12. Once this page is reached, their results will be generated.
  13. The results shown as a result of getting your profile evaluated via this link are broken down into three categories. These include the total spending, the old spend and the PW spend.
  14. The Total Spend: is the total amount of money players have used on the Steam platform. This includes the amount spent on buying video games, any other product sold on the Steam platform and any products gifted by the user to others.
  15. The Old Spend: is the amount users had spent before April 2015. After April 2015, a ‘Limited User Accounts’ feature was introduced which required users to spend at least $5 before they gained access to complete features offered by Steam. This was done to prevent Steam’s platform from scammers and malicious accounts whose holders were also disturbing other players and using games which they had not bought themselves.
  16. The Perfect World (PW) Spend: is the total amount users have spent on games like Dota 2 and/or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive using their Perfect World Accounts.
  17. A third website powered by Steam requires players to set their account privacy at Public and then evaluates their total worth. For using this website, visit https://www.mysteamgauge.com/.

The Real Deal | The Truth About Worth Calculators

By now, you must have surely found out the real worth of your Steam account. However, if you are more of an experimenter, you would have tried out all of the 3 links and found out that all 3 of them produce different results. Yes! You read it right. All of the three calculators generate different results. This is because calculators in each category have their own shortcomings.

The first link shows the amount which s classified under ‘the total spend’ category, which ignores the amount users have actually spent on purchasing games outside of Steam. Since these games were redeemed on Steam and saved on the platform, a user may find the amount less than they actually have spent. Moreover, this method also does not include the DLCs. DLCs are downloadable content users gained access to via this platform. Steam does not regard its DLCs as games.

The second link might show a varied amount because ‘the Perfect World spend’ it takes into account is not applicable to all users. Only users living in China can really benefit from this feature as it takes into account only Chinese versions of certain games.

Lastly, the third link is an independent third-party link powered by Steam and their process of calculations has not been disclosed. According to Steam’s own website, it is nearly impossible to calculate the real worth of account or the number of games played due to software glitches and many other things. Thus these numbers can be interpreted as mere averages or close estimates.

Steam is no doubt one of the most popular gaming platforms. It offers thousands of games online to its users. After this feature was introduced, many people were shocked to find out their results. Some users calculated their monthly average while others were shocked to find out their total spending exceeding $1000 or even £1000. If you also wish to calculate your closely estimated amounts spent on Steam account then hop on the bandwagon and find out.