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The competitions at online gambling sites are getting more comprehensive every month. Freshly launched Wazamba Casino free spins tournaments have proved a major success, and many new players are interested in joining. However, it is important to learn the basics before participating in such a competition.

What are These Tournaments All About?

Like all other gambling competitions, Wazamba Casino free spins tournaments are special events on this iGaming platform. The events allow the players to compete against each other and win prizes. While some other competitions may feature various rewards such as cash prizes, loyalty points, or other benefits, these particular events exclusively provide the players with Wazamba Casino free spins as the rewards.

The main advantage it grants relates to the common issue of competitions regularly hosted on this and many other gambling platforms. The events that offer huge prizes attract a ton of high rollers, leaving casual players with virtually no chance of winning any prizes. Events that reward free spins resolve this issue, as the prize pools are not large enough to attract high rollers.

How to Join a Tournament?

Joining a competition is fairly easy. To participate in such an event, the players should log in to their accounts and visit the Tournaments section of the casino. There, selecting the event in question and clicking on its banner is necessary. New players must attentively read the rules on the competition page to understand all the terms of events and not overlook some technicalities.

Once the player has read the terms of the competition, it is only necessary to click on the Join button. As soon as the event begins, the player will automatically join it, enabling them to earn points and win prizes. It is worth mentioning that placing non-eligible bets will not disqualify the player from the event: such wagers will not be counted towards the leaderboard results.

How to Win?

To win Wazamba Casino free spins in a tournament, finishing the event on the leaderboard is necessary. Therefore, the players should try to outperform other gamblers by earning more points throughout the competition. The points are earned by placing eligible bets according to the tournament rules. In most cases, the players must spin selected slot machines with bets of allowed values.

The points can be earned throughout the tournament, typically a week. Once the time is up, the leaderboard positions get fixed, and the casino starts sending out the prizes. The players in the leading positions traditionally get the most generous rewards.

How to Receive Prizes

The players won’t need additional actions to receive their free spins. The casino sends out the prizes, meaning they are automatically credited to the player’s balance. The leaderboard is typically available for some time after the event, so the players can check their final positions to ensure they are supposed to receive a prize.

The casino will notify the players about free spins added to their accounts, and the winners will need to launch the selected games to use their free spins. The rewards might not be shown on the balance, but they will be triggered after the game is launched for the first time after receiving the reward. The process of sending out the prizes usually takes around 24 hours, as the operator has to verify the legitimacy of the winners’ results.