A detailed account of Combine Soldiers and their abilities alongside a handful of information about the combine has been given above. It is evident from the above information that Combine Soldiers are just a biologically engineered weapon of the combine which they are using against humans to grow their empire.

One of the most common myths among players is that there are no differences in Combine and the Combine Soldier. To completely understand their differences, a detailed overview of who they are and how does each one of them operates has been explained in the following sections.

What is The Combine?

The Combine is a group of inhuman creatures that spawn many universes. They consist of main aliens and synthetic characters. The Combine is the main antagonist of the Half-Life video game series, and its main aim is to conquer Earth and enslave its subjects. When Nihilanth is defeated by Freeman and killed as a consequence, the Combine counter-attacks Earth, which leads to a 7-hour war. The war resulted in equal damage being caused to humans and the Combine with the Combine being defeated, and the uprising culminated. The events led to the destruction of City 17. The reason why Combine is after Earth in the first place is that it wants to expand its empire to multidimensional parallel universes. The resistance shown by human beings is led by Gordon Freeman.

However, there are human characters like Dr. Breen who end up siding with the Combine and aid it in carrying out its mission on Earth, subjecting Earth’s residents to brutality and enslaving by the Combine until Freeman rises to the Combine with the help of G-man and successfully thwarts them.

How Does the Combine Operate?

The Combine is a bunch of aliens grouped. They have advisors who have slug-like appearances and helpers called Synths. Synths are the hunters, striders, gunships, and other forms of fleshy creatures that evolve automatically. These creatures had been abducted and enslaved by the Combine from their universes in the beginning. Later they evolved and turned into their current form. Just like the Combine Soldier who were initially human and had been captured and enslaved by the Combine from Earth. Later on, they were turned into trans-human fighting their kind without recalling their past by the Combine, which is a pro at engineering organisms for its purpose.

The Combine’s main leader is unknown; however, as most people misunderstand, Dr. Breen is not its administrator. He is just Combine’s representative on Earth, helping them carry out their tasks with the help of other human forces such as metro cops.

Who is The Combine Soldier?

Combine Soldiers are genetically modified humans. They have been captured and modified in trans-humans. More commonly known as the Overwatch Soldier, Combine soldiers usually wear masks on their faces except for a few instances in the game where a Combine Soldier could be seen without a mask, for example, on a surveillance screen in Nove Prospekt. Let’s take a closer look at the questions about the details of combine soldiers’ abilities and their methods of carrying out attacks in the headings below.

  • How to take down a Combine Soldier?

One of the most frequently asked question on online gaming communities is how to take down a combine soldier with minimal casualties borne by Freeman (enacted by the player). The answer is that the best way to kill combine soldiers is in their oblivion. The players must make an effort and go unnoticed, hide behind an item and, then aim for their head. One accurate headshot can totally destroy Combine Soldiers in the first attempt.

Alternatively, if there are too many Combine Soldiers and it is not possible to attack them while going unnoticed, several gunshots from the pistol aimed for their head will do the job. The good part is, unlike Freeman, citizens who rebelled and Alyx, the Combine Soldiers do not fire full rounds at once. They make use of 5 shots at most and reserve the 6th unless they really have to fire it. Additionally, when a Combine Soldier has to reload its gun, it might throw a hand grenade to buy some time. The grenade thrown by Combine Soldiers make 7 ticks before exploding, thus, providing Freeman the time to go undercover. Combine soldiers can reload their guns twice at maximum.

  • How do Combine Soldiers carry out group attacks?

When attacking their target in groups, Combine Soldiers do not attack all at once, they take turns. When two of them are shooting, the rest of them wait undercover unless one of the shooters stops shooting or falls down. Furthermore, the soldiers waiting undercover can always throw grenades and bombs to aid their fellow soldiers. This allows them to maintain their fire rate, buy some time for reloading guns and keep giving freemen a tough time without interruption. The combine soldiers are intelligent enough to not end up shooting each other even by mistake

  • Are there different types of Combine Soldiers?

The Combine Soldiers are all the same, trans-humans. However, there can be a difference in their level of operation. There are standard Combine Soldiers who wear slightly different uniforms from the others such as shotgunners. All Combine Soldiers wear masks which carries a white label on them. The text on the label reads that its use may lead to the untimely death of the wearer which is quite an interesting statement, keeping in mind the fact that these masks are supposed to protect Combine Soldiers from human attacks.

Other classifications of Combine Soldiers based on their level of operation includes standard, squad leaders and Elite

  • Combine Soldiers Vs. Other Species

Combine Soldiers are not very good at surviving Antlion attacks. Only one strike from an Antlion can totally kill a Combine Soldier. This is also because Combine Soldiers are not able to carry out long-range attacks. The abilities are limited in these terms; therefore, as they reduce their distance from Antlions they become easily preyed.

Alternatively, when it comes down to zombies, Combine Soldiers rarely face a defeat. In case the zombies outnumber Combine Soldiers or the battle takes place in an area where there is not enough room to take down poisonous head crabs popping out of zombie’s heads, only then Combine Soldiers face defeat. Generally, Combine Soldiers can easily defeat zombies.