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Precaution and Safety Guide of Corona Virus

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The Coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19, is a viral disease and is currently spreading fast throughout the world. Since the first case was diagnosed in Wuhan, China, it has left a few thousand dead and more infected all over the world.

It has also created a lot of panic to the affected countries as well as those not affected as they put precautionary measures to keep away the virus. So far, there is no known cure or vaccine for the coronavirus. Countries with no cases of coronavirus are advised not to allow persons coming from countries already infected.

Measures are being taken to test people traveling from countries already with coronavirus. Getting infected with the virus is not a death sentence as we have heard of many cases of full recovery. Older persons (60 years and above) and persons with severe underlying conditions such as heart problems, cancer, and diabetes are at a higher risk of serious complications from the coronavirus illness. The virus is believed to spread from one person to the next through; These safety precautions have been written by health care writing services company.

Close contact

Being in close contact with a person with the virus (within about less than one meter) can lead to a healthy person becoming infected. Handshaking, too, is another contributor to the rapid spread of the virus.

Through droplets from an infected person when he/she coughs or sneezes.

When droplets from nose or mouth land on the mouth, eyes, or nose of the healthy person he can get infected, they can also be inhaled into the lungs. The droplets too can land to surfaces, and one you get in touch with them, you end up being sick.

With proper caution, one can protect him/herself and the loving ones from getting infected with Covid-19 illness. There are vigorous campaigns to sensitize people on how to keep the virus at bay. Precautions and safety guidelines provided by the World Health Organization are discussed below,

Clean your hands Regularly

Make it a habit of washing your hands more often using running water and soap, especially after you have been to public places and after sneezing or coughing. You should, at all cost, avoid touching your nose, mouth, and nose with unwashed hands. The procedure of washing hands is;

  • Wet your hands with water
  • Apply a generous amount of soap
  • Scrub your hands thoroughly for about twenty seconds, paying attention to the back of the hand, between fingers and around fingernails.
  • Rinse under running water for another twenty seconds and dry your hands with a clean towel.

In case you are at a place where water and soap are not available, you can use a hand sanitizer that has 60 percent or more alcohol level. Spread enough amounts to cover all surfaces of your hands, rubbing until they feel dry.

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Cover sneezes and coughs

Always cover your mouth with a tissue whenever you cough and immediately throw it away in a dust bin. You should also cover your nose with a tissue or use the inside of your elbow when sneezing. Immediately use water and soap to thoroughly wash your hands or make use of a sanitizer. This helps to eliminate to protect those around you in case you are infected with the virus.

Wear a face mask if you are sick

If you are sick, you should wear a mask so that you can protect those people around, whether in a shared room or vehicle. The same rule should remain when you are in the presence of the health provider.

A face mask can trap any droplets from coughing and sneezing inside. Thus they do not land on other persons or surfaces. And this minimizes the chances of infecting others with the virus. A point to note is, if you are not sick, you do not need to use the face mask unless you are taking care of a sick person.

Clean and disinfect

Surfaces and areas that are frequently touched, such as doorknobs, light switches, desks, toilets, and sinks, should be cleaned and then disinfected regularly. First, wash the surfaces/areas with a detergent or soap and water and after that disinfect. To disinfect, most common household disinfectants will work just fine.

You can also make your disinfectant by making a bleach solution. Here you should closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application coupled with proper ventilation. Another method of disinfecting is by using an alcohol solution. Ensure the solution contains at least 70 percent alcohol for it to be effective.

Avoid handshaking and hugs

Studies have shown that a high percentage of the virus is being spread the shaking of hand with the affected person. When a sick person shakes hands before he had the chance to wash or sanitize his hands, there is a higher chance he could infect another with the virus. Therefore, people are being advised to use other alternatives of greetings such as bowing, nodding, or the Namaste style. These alternatives are helping to minimize contact between persons. Hugging and kissing too has been discouraged.


In case you get into contact with a person suspected to be suffering from the coronavirus, or you had visited a country or area with the illness, you are advised to self-quarantine yourself for

fourteen days. In case you fall sick while in isolation, you should immediately call a health facility using the provided numbers. By isolating yourself, you minimize being in contact with other persons, thus minimizing the chance of infecting others.

If you feel sick, stay at home

Whenever you feel sick, it is best if you stayed away from school or work. You should stay away from others to protect your contacts in case what you are suffering from is the coronavirus. Besides, if you live with other people and you show signs of the coronavirus, you should take all the necessary measures to protect them.

From the above information, it is evident that you can minimize the chances of getting infected by adhering to proper hygiene like washing hands more often and avoiding touching of surfaces that could be loaded with the virus. Avoiding being in large crowds and gatherings is also another pointer of avoiding the virus. You should also be aware of the symptoms of the coronavirus. They include; high fever, dry cough, and sneezing, among others.

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What’s the Half-life symbol means?

Half-Life Symbol

It means “half-life”.

“Half-life” is the amount of time it takes for a radioactive substance to decay into half of its original quantity of atoms.

The symbol is a lowercased lambda letter. It has been used to represent many things, however, the most obvious connection to Half-Life is that lambda is the symbol for the half-life of a given material.

Other meanings are listed here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lambda#Lower-case_letter_.CE.BB

Although Half-life uses it, you need to be aware that lambda is a greek letter that existed well before Half-life. Therefore it has many meanings, with the Half-life resistance being one few people in society would recognize! It’s mostly known for wavelength when measuring waves although it’s linked to Half-life is a different scientific application (denoting the time taken for radioactive material to half inactivity). Being more biologically and chemistry focused I think of lambda bacteria phages more often but most people would associate it with the other two.

The picture you provided has the upper case and lower case versions of lambda. I would recommend your girlfriend looks at all the different meanings of lambda first before she does it as Wanted Bob posted earlier – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lambda#Lower-case_letter_.CE.BB

It’s also the symbol for the radioactive decay constant which is equal to the natural logarithm of two divided by the half-life.

Nova Prospekt; NOT facts folder!

Nova Prospekt

Nova Prospekt is Latin, or derived from Latin. Prospekt means looking out (ahead in the future). I hope you see how this thus just means prospect in English. New Prospect.

Speculation: It’s the name for a (the) prison, but like in WW2, the people don’t know it’s a prison, they think it’s some rehab center or something similar. People with opposing thoughts get in, they probably get brainwashed or something, and then hey come out as new, with good thoughts, acting like model citizens. From the outside, it looks like all is well.
It’s named New Prospect because the combine probably advertises it as a good thing. Maybe you have to through it to get to live in C17 or something. Either way, it tries to make the people believe that it gives people the prospect of a new, good life. 1948 anyone?
It’s all about propaganda. (it’s not a good idea to call something like this “Dead End” when you want to keep up the appearance of something good, now it? :p)

I hope I’m a bit of understandable…

Please do not move this to rumors & speculation. This thread is about the translation/meaning of the name. (I speculated to give the translation some meaning)
I’m tired of all the people using Babelfish to translate it from german. It is true that a Prospekt is a brochure (facts folder.. stupid Babelfish) in German, but Nova isn’t a German word.

And if this gets moved, the newbies probably don’t get to see it. And those are the ones that need to get informed of this

In addition to this, for the second test people: I doubt it has any meaning to the test, other than its name in HL2. They could just as easily have used city/17 or black/mesa or Gordon/freeman.

The sentence in bold fits in perfectly with the train station level. Remember the bit where Nova Prospekt is on that wall or something. Near that, there is that place where that combined guard took u to. In the area, you see this guy locked in a cell, been integrated and you go into the next door. You are most likely going to get brainwashed (well, tried to) and so it fits in the meaning of Nova Prospekt.

First, you should notice that it seems only MEN are being sent towards the Nova Prospekt/Security side. Just ahead of Gordon, a woman passes through a different door whereas the two men both go the same way. The first is sent through the security door. The second is sent to ‘Nova Prospekt’.

Also, you can see some device at the head of the chairs. These could be brainwashers or mind readers, I don’t really know. It would be a good way for Gordon to have his first flashback at any rate. (I believe there was something said about flashbacks?)

Also, if Gordon has been active in the world and his memories are missing, perhaps what happened to the “Something in the water” guy has happened to him.

Nova Prospekt could be a combination of different languages. Remember that this happens in the future and the Combine could have a poor grasp of language. Or, Language, in general, could have started to be combined to some degree by then naturally.

Nova and Prospekt are each fairly recognizable and could have been chosen just because they would give the impression Valve wanted without just using English. Sort of giving it a Foreign flavor for everyone, since it’s not strictly from one language.

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Kitty0706 has died


A great Gmodder who could make me smile even in the darkest days

RIP Kitty0706

Pls ValveTime make him a tribute.

I read about that. From the videos I’ve seen of his, I can tell that he was really special to everyone. So sad when people die so young. It makes me think about how any day could be my last day. May he rest in peace.

A real shame. His videos were always comedy-gold as far as Garry’s Mod was concerned, and he seemed like a genuinely nice kid.

I’ll leave a link to the Reddit thread and his YouTube channel below should anyone want any more details or to reminisce.

Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/comments/2toevo/the_creator_of_team_fabulous_2_and_other

Kitty0706’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/kitty0706/featured

He was one of my favorite Gmod video makers. He always had a positive attitude and his videos constantly made me laugh. He will be dearly missed.

In other sad news, Saken Bektenov aka Ultimote Pictures has also passed away. Best known for creating SkyFortress directing SkyFortress: Remastered.

How do you increase the damage your weapons do?

Olichel (CC0), Pixabay

Is there a console command or something? I want to be able to do one-hit kills with the pistol in single-player mode

yes, there is a console command, but you may need to re-enter it each map change.

something like this:

sk_plr_pistol_damage or something, it will pop up as you type “sk_plr_” giving you a list of weapons. (actually, it could be plr_sk_)

but just find a pistol, press Enter once on it to see what it currently is (eg 8 or something) then change it to like 90, and change it back when you’re done.

upping damage may cause physics to go a bit haywire, so you might want to change phys_pushscale to something a little under 1 so that bodies react less to your superpower pistol shots (eg, phys_pushscale 0.6) but that’s not essential… just muck around and see what you like.

Look for a mod, if you know-how, look for a text file in the GCFs and edit that, can’t be too easy though.

This is the exact command, from skill.cfg:
sk_plr_dmg_pistol “5”

You could either do this by typing that command in the console, like blink said or if you don’t want to type it in with each map load, you can extract Half-Life 2’s skill.cfg from source engine.gcf/hl2/cfg and place it in the your_username/half-life 2/hl2/cfg folder and change that command in it.

The Houndeye Returns


The memorable Xenian sound dog from Half-life 1 has reappeared on Valve’s horizon in the form of a courier for Dota 2. As with all couriers in Dota 2, the Houndeye has a walking and flying model, the latter of which does look a little ridiculous.

For those of you hoping this is a Half-life 3 pre-order bonus, you should be aware Half-life already has a tie-in to Dota 2 in the form of the Dr. Kleiner Announcement Pack and Half-life is seemingly no closer than before! (Image: balladofwindfishes)

Love that additional detail to the little fella. The reference to the St. Bernard rescue dog is also a nice touch. The fanboy in me says it’s assets in production for HL3, but I know it’s not true. It’s not true. It’s not true.

Nihilanth in Half-Life 2


Did anyone else notice that when we start the game and the G-man speaks, you hear the Nihilanth Repeating “…Free…Man…”
and at some point he says “…Not you alone.. Not you Alone…”
which is something the Nihilanth Told us back then at Xen.

If you try hard to listen it doesn’t sound like the nihilanth but if you only pay attention without trying hard to understand what he says, you can definitely hear him.

I remember the some of the Nihilanth’s Lines from the 1st game

“…Deceive you will Deceive you…” (Notice that the last word of the line is the beginning of the line, it’s also the first word of the line)

“…You are man, he is not man.. for you he waits for you…”

“…Not you alone, not you..”

“…Their Slaves… We’re Their Slaves…We are..”

“…Done… what have you done.. what have you…” (after killing some Allien Slaves)

“…The last.. you are the last…”

btw did anyone else find commons between “Lord of The Rings” and “Half-Life 2”?

for example LOR: an old guy creating forces HL2: an old guy, combining human with aliens?

as well as the places. somehow they got these things in common.

Nihilanth was the end boss of HL1 and so… I am not sure why HL2 is being mentioned in all this.
as for what Nihilanth says…everyone seems to have similar interpretations but nothing is solid I think.

and yeah this thread belongs in the Single player discussion where much of the speculation is that the G-man is not human… Nihilanth saying such a thing would only strengthen that argument.

The Nihilanth was the end boss of HL1, he does not appear at any time in HL2. The only reference to the Nihilanth in HL2 comes from some of the Vortigaunt sentences. I’ll post the Nihilanth’s sentences from HL1 anyway:

1. “Alone – aren’t you alone – aren’t you alone”
2. “Comes another”
3. “Deceive you – will deceive you.”
4. “Die – you all die – you all die.”
5. “Done – what have you done?”
6. “Freeman!!!!!”
7. “The last – you are the last – you are.”
8. “You are man. He is not man. For you he waits – for you.”
9. “Now – die now – die now!”
10. “Their slaves – we are their slaves – we are.”
11. “The last – I am the last.”
12. “The truth – you can never know the truth.”
13. “Thieves – you all are thieves – you all are!”
14. “Win – you cannot win.”

And my theories:

1. Can’t say much on it.
2. By that, he means that Freeman is just another HEV-suited man sent to Xen.
3. Perhaps the G-man will deceive Gordon?
4. This one’s interesting. The Nihilanth, like the Vorts, doesn’t lie. Perhaps some kind of hint to the apocalypse?
5. He says it after you slay the Gonarch. The killing of the Gonarch will result in a huge lack of Headcrabs on Xen, therefore greatly upsetting the food chain. It will likely cause a holocaust.
6. Just saying Freeman’s name. Wonder how he found out?
7. Quite interesting. I haven’t been able to cook anything up about it right now.
8. This one’s very interesting. He’s definitely referring to the G-Man, because the only person that waits for you after the Nihilanth, is in fact, the G-Man.
9. He could be referring to himself, just before his demise.
10. Definitely referring to the Combine, as Xen was under Combine control long before humans discovered it. This explains the Nihilanths biomechanical implants and the shackles he wears.
11. I think he means that he is the last that Freeman will have to challenge.
12. He might be telling Freeman that this isn’t just as simple as: “Come into my cavern and kill me with your gluon gun.” There is a lot more to the whole Xen incident than we know – again, a possible reference to the Combine.
13. Humans have stolen resources such as crystals from Xen. It could be as simple as that, but remember, there’s also the Combine. Combine has stolen some of Earth’s resources (oceans for example). They would be doing the same to Xen.
14. He says this when you arrive at the Gonarch’s lair. Gordon, however, does win. Was the Nihilanth wrong?

Why won’t you check the Music GFC and listen to the Intro Song

You don’t need to hear this in high volume, just pay attention to the sound AND the other lines were taken from HL I just reminded them

and about “10. Definitely referring to the Combine, as Xen was under Combine control long before humans discovered it. This explains the Nihilanths biomechanical implants and the shackles he wears”

The Combine wasn’t existed back then, since if you played and finished HL2 you do understand that they got their name for a reason.. they’re half-human, mixed up with an alien DNA. my guess is that Doctor Breen has something to do with it since they obey him.. and he obeys some kind of a warm creator (X-Race Maybe?) I guess that doctor Breen created them. he doesn’t work for the combines.. he makes them. another thing… Elite Combines has a circles Mask, just like the Warm Creator. my guess is that the elite Combine has more parts of Alien DNA then Human because he has face of Alien… (1 Big Eye instead of 2 eyes) So I’m starting to believe that the combines are the army of Dr. Breen, Following is orders while Dr. Breen has bigger plans with Stronger Aliens.. somewhere.. out there

Actually, the Combine has existed back then. They’ve existed for a long time – long before they invaded Earth. They’re intergalactic conquerors, and a very old race I believe. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Combine we see on Earth is the only types of “Combine” in existence. The Combine has amalgamated many different races into itself, and its empire spans across the Universe. Earth is just one of the Combine’s conquered planets & species. The Overwatch and Civil Protection units are simply the “Combine” that were created from the Humans. In HL2, you also see creatures from other races that the Combine has conquered, the synths for example, which include Striders, Gunships, Dropships, Mortar synths and so on… I definitely believe that Xen was under Combine control at the time of the Black Mesa Incident, because of the Nihilanth’s shackles, and because of what he says – and yes, CLASSIFIED, I have played and finished HL2.

“7. “The last – you are the last – you are.””
My first thought was that earth or the dimension we exist in was the last dimension/world that was no taken over by the combine yet, but then I realized that the combine is not fully technically perfect and fully evolved. If that was the case, Freeman would have no chance against them. And then isn’t Xen a border world, isn’t Xen the only place u can get crystals for interdimensional travel? So the Combine cant has taken over every world in every dimension yet coz they have only had control over Xen a certain time, the Vortigaunts weren’t born slaves so… Although I have no clue how old they can get..

12. “The truth – you can never know the truth.”
Guess we will never know who G-man is. Considering how Laidlaw has presented the story (very discreet) in the HL-games so far, he will probably leave it open for speculation who g-man is, or who the bidders are… Hope not though.

Have you noticed that everyone’s voice had changed since the first game? The g-man sounds different, Barney Sounds Different most of the time, Kleir Sounds Different. The Nihilanth Sounds Different and don’t try to hear the nihilanth when you check if he really talks at the intro, just pay less attention and you’ll hear something that sounds like him says “Free…man” and at some point you he stops saying that then you hear something like “alone… not you alone..” then the “Free…man” part comes back, i can’t tell for sure it’s the nihilanth but who could it possibly be if not him? hear the Audio File from HL1 where he says “alone…not you alone…” then hear the intro and in some point, you can hear it

Try to make the Background Music louder than the G-man
or just play the file HL2_intro.mp3 from the music gcf file

I didn’t come here to tell you to try hearing this
you need to be focused at every moment of the soundtrack and pay attention to “details”, it doesn’t come easy but it’s there

I’m still wondering if anyone else noticed this

Best Buy randomly calls and hires me… drug test in 48hrs HALP LIFE 2 DOT STNRS

geralt (CC0), Pixabay


I just got back from a visit to my college, hence there’s some (perhaps lost?) of THC in my system. I am not a reg pot smoker but during the visit, I smoked often (I had no idea I got the job).

48hrs and all I have advice for to do is: work out, eat vitamin c/drink cran juice/lots of fluids/starvation diet and creatine/detox beverages and jello packets 1 hr before the test

ANY other ideas? I must must must get this job.

I was stupid, I know, but now I beg of you – please help (life two-dot net). and no, fake urine or replaced urine is out of the question


Working out is the only thing I’ve heard that gets rid of the THC quicker. I’m sure the more regular weed smokers here will be of more assistance.

If worst comes to worst and they actually discover THC, say people were smoking it in your company during your visit to the uni, but you didn’t touch it yourself. A bad excuse, I know, but the only one I can think of.

Really? Drug test for Best Buy?

With only 48 hours to clear your system out you are probably ****ed if you use your own pee. I have heard of people passing one after 6 or 7 days, never 48 hours.

If you can get someone that is clean to pee in a water bottle for you and sneak it in that’s your best bet.

If you can’t do that drinking alot of water is your only real option, and it probably won’t work that well. I heard rumors that detox works but I don’t really buy it.

And hey, if you fail as others have said it’s only Best Buy.

WTF, drug test? This is Best Buy not the army/police/government agency.

Tell them you were at a party and it was dark and someone offered you what you thought was a cigarette and you inhaled and it wasn’t a cigarette after all and you regret this mistake and you will be a good employee and never do drugs or smoke what you think are cigarettes in the dark.

Please keep in mind many companies don’t really “care” about marijuana. I took a hair test a few years ago and asked the girl to do the test a few questions. She said some companies only care about cocaine/heroin and other “hard” drugs.

Dude. You’re in California. That’s basically 100% the case there and few other places.

But yeah if it’s only been 48 hours you’re pretty much screwed. THC is fat-soluble so that’s why it stays in your body for so long. Water doesn’t regularly cycle in and out of your fat cells like it does the rest of your body unless you’re basically dehydrated so, I’d suggest getting a decent amount of exercising and drinking diuretics like caffeine with PLENTY of water. I guess that’s your best bet. I read up on it for a while back when I thought I’d actually get drug tested since I work at a place that deals with mental health and substance abuse (I’m just a programmer) and they have on-site drug testing. After almost two years I haven’t been drug tested but I’ve only smoked a few times in that whole duration.

I don’t know why you guys think it’s so weird. I had a drug test for like every job I’ve had. Except for a video game company, but I guess that’s to be expected. I mean, I sorta get that its not their business to know what you do on your own time, but its not weird that they would want to make sure you’re not a crackhead. Hiring crackheads is a bad idea. Maybe they’ll let it slip since its only weed (though I doubt it since it would likely get filed for their corporate office’s record).

This kind of thing pisses me off no end. Companies just love to bugger you around, not get back to you, do whatever they like, and then phone you out of nowhere one day before the job was due to start expecting you to jump to attention immediately, when, under the impression you had not been picked, you might already have made other plans…

Our time is valuable. Your time is nothing. If you want to work for us, you will drop everything else and love us with all of your heart. So what if you’re just stacking shelves?