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Would a sniper rifle make any sense in Doom 3

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Roland Deschain, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. I have never played Doom in my entire life, and the only reason I will actually play Doom 3 is because my brother pre-ordered the game (pff, he actually got NVidia for that, can't wait to shove HL2 in his face).

    I love sniping, if you ever played CS and became annoyed by those snipers who seemed to be able to snipe no matter how tough a shot is (and get called hackers at least once), that could have been me.

    My question is, is there any point of a sniper rifle if Doom 3. First, there are few open spaces and second, the draw distance isn't that far (at least in the screen shots).

    Or is a sniper rifle just Anti-Doom.

    PS: Can't wait to start sniping Striders.
  2. ShadowBlade

    ShadowBlade Newbie

    Given the nature of Doom and how 1. its by large going to take place in closed areas and 2. theres less of a fear factor if you can kill things from a distance, there wont be a sniper rifle.
  3. lePobz

    lePobz Tank

    Who needs a sniper rifle when you've got a chainsaw?
  4. ailevation

    ailevation Don't toke Sour Diesel

    :dozey: I dunno why they would add a sniper rifle in a game that's supposed to be scary. You don't get scared that easily if you are able to pop an enemy couple 100 feet away. You'd get scared if an enemy pops out a corner from five feet away, not 100 feet, then you just pop it off with a sniper.
  5. blahblahblah

    blahblahblah Newbie

    I think the game needs a rail gun (more specifically the rail gun from Quake 2). I think a precision weapon would show off the per-poly hit detection scheme that Doom 3 has. Plus, the rail gun would be a natural addition to some multiplayer maps like the Edge 2.
  6. scribblehead

    scribblehead Newbie

    Well the idea for Doom3 was a remake - therefor also all the original weapons have been included.

    I cant see what a purpose a railgun would have in D3 - use the pistol to play around with the poly detection thing, if you're so crazed about it :D
  7. Estevan

    Estevan Newbie

    OMG! IDDQD! IDKFA! Then press 7! AND GET THAT GUN THAT SHOOTS THAT GREEN THING. Havnt played doom in while so i forgot what its called
  8. Soundwave

    Soundwave Newbie

    The draw distance isn't that far? What the hell? What screenshots have you seen that make it seem like the draw distance "isn't that far"?
  9. ah, damn can't find it. There is a ouside rail picture and there the drawdistance is really short (plus Doom 3 is supposed to be claustraphobic so large drawdistances defeat the purpose).
  10. Soundwave

    Soundwave Newbie

    Well it's only like that because they wanted it like that. Since you're on Mars, there isn't really much to do outside, it's a barren wasteland.

    Quake IV will be on the Doom3 engine and you can bet it will have huge maps.
  11. ShadowFox

    ShadowFox Newbie

    I believe the only new weapon to be added to the arsenal is the Soul Cube. Well, besides using your flashlight as a weapon.
  12. vgard

    vgard Newbie

    Flashing 'em to death? :p
    nooooeeess, A flasher! Run away, run away!(copyright by halo, or whatever..) :D

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