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What Valve said (with Comments by Feath)

Discussion in 'Half-Life' started by Feath, Sep 5, 2004.

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  1. Feath

    Feath Newbie

    A lot of people are unsure as to when Valve intended to send an RC to Vivendi. Some people are under the impression that Valve were going to send off the first RC when Half-Life 2 went bug free. I

    don't think that's the case. Here are a few quotes relating to the RC and the state of Half-Life 2.

    This quote is really old. From the 18th of June, no less. It's mainly included here for completeness.

    This quote is the first mention of a Release Canditate. It shows that Valve were intending a 30th of July RC. And also explains what an RC canditate is.

    Now, this contradicts the quote above. This quote clearly states that they aren't going to send a Release Canditate till after the CS:S beta has started (or ended). This makes more sense if you consider that there's no point in submitting an RC until you think you have a bug free game. This is an important quote because people seem to ignore it and concentrate on the one quote above. Valve changed their plans, they decided to submit the RC after the CS:S beta started. They are allowed to do that.

    This is the date that the CS:S beta was meant to be preloaded. It doesn't mean much unless you compare it to the quote below.

    Now, this quote was from the 20th of July. 16 days before the 5th of August. Which is a bit of a coincidence. I think it shows that Valve were intending to start the CS:S beta when they thought that Half-Life 2 was in a bug free state. This would ensure that the bugs that are found would be new bugs, instead of bugs that they knew of. It also explained why the CS:S beta was delayed by a few days. They hadn't finished fixing all the bugs, and some of them could've been important bugs that would've meant the game wouldn't run on some graphics cards.

    This just confirms what the third quote said, that . The CS:S beta still has Source related bugs in it. I wouldn't be surprised if the CS:S beta ends around the 15th. This would be about a month since it started. The word "by" implies that the RC could be send off earlier, depending on how they sort out the CS:S beta bugs. There don't seem to be that many CS:S beta bugs that need to be fixed. It seems very stable. Which is good.

    I hope that cleared up any confusion that anyone had. It's in my view that Half-Life 2 was in an apparent bug free state when the CS:S beta began, and Valve are just waiting for the CS:S beta to enter a mostly bug free state. Then they'll send off the Release Canditate.
  2. Seppo

    Seppo Tank

    Nice post. So it seems likely that the only thing between us and Half-Life 2 is Counter Strike: Source.
  3. Jarman

    Jarman Newbie

    Okay, next step. Unfortunately I'm not part of the CS:S beta testing, so how many relevant bugs is the community currently aware of? This piece of information could help to get an idea of how far the RC actually is.
  4. I had never seen this quote before:
    That really clears things up for me and puts this whole thing in perspective.
  5. Dr0ndeh

    Dr0ndeh Newbie

    its a shame really because some of us really couldnt give a flying crap about CS.
  6. Feath

    Feath Newbie

    The only way that the CS:S beta is delaying Half-Life 2 is that they are making sure that there are no bugs that affect Source Engine. I had a few crashes with CS:S but after the last few updates I've had none. I'd have hated to experience those crashes in Half-Life 2 instead of CS:S.
  7. el Chi

    el Chi Newbie

    Feath, I absolutely love that you're always taking an annoyed and well-informed stance against people who constantly complain for no real reason or simply have facts compltely arse-over-tit. Not only that, you're also literate. A beacon of sense in this madness. Thank you.
    That sounded so sycophantic, sorry. But you're a member I respect so I'm just voicing my approval. Which you need. All of you. For I am mighty. Yes.
  8. ^Ben

    ^Ben Newbie

    Well the more I think about it the more I think that a mid-late september release date.
  9. ferd

    ferd Newbie

    Quoting what Valve said over the last few months wont change anything to the actual facts. Facts are, Doug confirmed they're planning to send an RC candidate to Vivendi the 15th september...
  10. ^Ben

    ^Ben Newbie

    But nothing in the gaming industry is confirmed.
  11. exoeight

    exoeight Newbie

    it makes much more sense when all in one place put together with commentary, good job.
  12. Seppo

    Seppo Tank

    As much as I too liked to see HL2 on the store shelves in September, it looks nearly impossible. Even if it went gold on the 15th of September, it would take at least two weeks to manufacture all the millions of copies. Doom 3 went gold somewhere near July 15, and was released August 3. Maybe October 3 is the release date for Half-Life 2.
  13. ^Ben

    ^Ben Newbie

    I think this should be sticked.
  14. theotherguy

    theotherguy Newbie

    omg, you are so right feath! I never saw it that way...now it makes sense
  15. I just thought I would add this in here, its from Jabberwocky over at PlanetHalfLife in the Geiger Counter. Its a good explanation of what an RC on the 15th could mean for the release date:

    I thought this would be the best thread to post it in as it is meant to clarify for people what the RC will mean.
  16. Icarus

    Icarus Newbie


  17. Rupertvdb

    Rupertvdb Newbie

    someone has been working hard, nice work feath.
  18. burnzie

    burnzie Newbie

    Lets just hope the "shit dosent hit the fan" again...

    good job feeth :thumbs:
  19. X-Vector

    X-Vector Newbie

    Nice sum up Feath, although this just strengthens my argument that Valve should stop commenting publicly on the progress of the game until gold status has been reached - it really shouldn't take all this digging to make sense of the situation for most people, even those that keep regular tabs on the game.
    Moreover, as you've pointed out, some of the quotes you've posted are contradictory, which further indicates that healthy skepticism is warranted.

    IMO it also suggests that the 1 November release date that VUG is supposedly guesstimating is not that far-fetched and perhaps simply a best case scenario.
  20. Feath

    Feath Newbie

    Thanks for all the praise guys. I'm very flattered.

    And X-Vector, only one quote contradicted another one, and that was because I believe Valve changed their plans about when to sumit the first RC.

    And about that Jabberwocky statement. I hope he was referring to 2-3 weeks as the total time from the first RC to gold, not just the testing for one RC. The first Half-Life RC had 2 days of testing to go through before it was declared gold.

    Anyone wishing to read about the final days Half-Life development can read this: http://www.gamespot.com/features/halflife_final/ The final RC was submitted on the Thursday and it was approved on the Saturday. This could mean that Half-Life 2 could go Gold on the 18th. But it's unlikely.
  21. Maxi

    Maxi Tank

    Wow, they really contradict themselfs... they should post a roadmap or something on a site that they could update whenever something changes.
  22. X-Vector

    X-Vector Newbie

    Feath, HL was created in about two years from start to finish and Valve was a relative unknown at the time.
    The development time for HL2 has been much larger (as has the budget) and the 'stakes' are also a great deal higher, I would be surprised if first RC to gold status would take less than two weeks.
  23. Chris D

    Chris D Administrator. Staff Member

  24. Murray_H

    Murray_H Tank

    Hurrah for teeth!

    I mean Feath :eek: :p
  25. Akilles

    Akilles Newbie

    Kickass Feath!! Very good thread! Finally someone sorted things up for those who quite didn't understand and for those who just complained about how bad everything was. Posts like this is like candy for me because i am one of these optimists that thinks its going to be released in a not to far future...like this month..the valve guys are very skilled people in what they do and i don't think they bs us about RC and so on. They may be messing with our heads just to do a BOOM release soon.
  26. smacky

    smacky Newbie

    if the RC is approved by vivendi then we could expect a gold date on the 17th maybe, alot of games only need 2 days of testing. and valve has been squashing bugs for a long time now, so according to valve they would have a bug free RC on the 15th. I have faith in this RC being bug free. So maybe we will see a game somewhere in october, but november would be a more realistic date i think. and if its going to be november i think both valve and vivendi will decide december is going to be better because of the holidays, this has nothing to do with the game of course but its good marketing.
  27. B-MAn

    B-MAn Newbie

    yay sticky!
  28. Akilles

    Akilles Newbie

    Yeah, I think that too, that the RC is nearly bug free due to the massive testing. Why would november be more realistic if the RC passes the test and goes into gold (we say the 17th or in this month). It doesn't take til november to make the copies.
  29. Jarman

    Jarman Newbie

    December is too late: I already imagine tons of empty shelves, pissed off customers and the local dealers always on the phone shouting "SEND ME AS MANY COPIES AS POSSIBLE OR THEY'LL KILL ME!" :LOL:
  30. Akilles

    Akilles Newbie

    Hahahaha, "They are standing outside my shop with crowbars and torches and doesn't let me go home until i have more HL2 copies"
  31. 2o3

    2o3 Guest

    Why cant Valve just put that info on there webby? I thought I read somewhere that Valve said CS.S would not efect HL2. But we all knew different. I'd still like to know if its got dm. Why the big secret over muliplayer. Nice work Feath they should give you a pr job mate.
  32. Chris D

    Chris D Administrator. Staff Member

    CS:S isn't affecting HL2.

    They're not running the CS:S beta to test CS:S itself. They're running the beta to test the Source engine on the full hardware range out there.

    Some of the bugs they've fixed probably wouldn't have been found unless it wasn't for this beta.
  33. el Chi

    el Chi Newbie

    Are you sure? I'm sure HL took longer than that in development, not least because it too was set back by an entire year.
  34. smacky

    smacky Newbie

    yeah maybe they wont wait for december, they know people will buy it anyway, and the kids who dont have the money will get it for christmas anyway.
  35. evil^milk

    evil^milk Tank

    Does this mean CS:S beta will end soon? Well, at least I'm glad they've fixed the bugs ;)
  36. smsKONG

    smsKONG Newbie

    Nice post Feath, atlast something to stop all the moaners, whiners and general idiots :naughty:

    But goddamn, November is a long time away, I just hope they meant October (fingers crossed- JEEZ I've had them crossed for soooo many months I've got a damn claw now:( )

    Just one last job- for your next assignment, Feath, we would like you to research every game that vivendi has ever released....and find out how thorough they are about RC to GOLD. We already know HL took 2 days and cz took 3months (LOL-not quite but if I remember rightly they sat on it for some time past it's completion..).
    Personally I've got no idea about anything else they've done, so somebody who knows, post what you know:)
  37. X-Vector

    X-Vector Newbie

    Valve acquired the Quake engine code in late '96 and HL was released in late '98.
    In those two years, Newell and Harrington had to build both a company and a game from scratch.

    See also the GS link Feath posted earlier, specifically this page: http://www.gamespot.com/features/halflife_final/part22.html
  38. 2o3

    2o3 Guest

    Ok Chris. But if there was no CS.S would HL2 be on my hard drive now. I think it would mate. Its no big deal, but its getting old now. Come to think of it so am I. :)
  39. Link

    Link Tank

  40. Agent.M

    Agent.M Newbie

    Good read feath thanks man that hopefully will clear some minds!!
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