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Weird Words...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Brian Damage, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. Know any?

    A couple of my personal favourites are:

    Aglet: That little hard bit on the end of a shoelace.

    Woggle: That plastic tube thing that a boy scout wears with his scarf-thingy.

    Nothing above an M rating, please...;)
  2. Lil' Timmy

    Lil' Timmy Newbie

    don't know how weird they are, but i've always been fond of
    obfuscate: to obscure


    inveigle: which basically means the same thing, but more in the context of being cunning/tricky about it.
  3. nw909

    nw909 Newbie

    DISCOMBOBULATE: To confuse, upset or disconcert.

    SOCKDOLAGER: A heavy or knock-down blow.

    GABERLUNZIE: A beggar.

    LABRETIFERY: The practice of wearing labrets.

    SLUBBERDEGULLION: A filthy, slobbering person.

    ZENZIZENZIZENZIC: The eighth power of a number.

    PETARD: A small bomb used to blow in a door or gate.

    HOBBLEDEHOY: A clumsy or awkward youth.
  4. Lil' Timmy

    Lil' Timmy Newbie

    welp, i got some more.. i like words, sue me :)

    i was thinking of my SAT words from day gone by, most of them i've forgotten, but these three stuck with me:

    enervate: to sap energy (like mental energy), to make tired. i always liked this one b/c for some reason i always wanted it to mean the opposite. i always thought it should mean energize, not sure why, but that's why i remember it.

    lugubrious overly morose. i just like the way that one sounds. sounds like a good word for henry kissinger to say.

    halcyon calm, tranquil. first encountered this word in a orbital song title (halcyon and on and on), i liked the song, and this is one of those words that sounds like what it means, i mean the actual sound of the word is peaceful to my ears..

    'll probably think of more later :)
  5. Lil' Timmy

    Lil' Timmy Newbie

    oh, vocable is a weird sounding word to me (vock-a-bull). it means a meaningless word, such as would be used in singing sometimes. this old bobby mcferrin album called 'circle songs' is where i first encountered this word. the whole album is vocables.

    ok, i'll stop :cheese:
  6. LOL, they sound like they're from MAD magazine.:E

    There's always Antidisestablishmentarianism and Floccinaucinihilipilification. I think I spelt those right...
  7. king John I

    king John I Newbie

    Vagina - A womens penis

    j/k i'm not a sexist person, really.
  8. mchammer75040

    mchammer75040 Newbie

    lmao that reminds me of what my 5 year old cousin said...no im not tellin you what :p
  9. king John I

    king John I Newbie

    hmmm... was it:

    "do girls have willys?"
    "a girls winky is just a shriveld up willy"

    or something like that?
  10. mchammer75040

    mchammer75040 Newbie

    lol no no keep guessing :naughty:
  11. king John I

    king John I Newbie

    "i wish i had a willy"
    "i wish i had a winky"
    "Is a boys willy just a swollen winky? like if a bee stung it or something?"
    "Is a boys willy a kind of worm?"

    tell me his/her gender, that'l help.
  12. mchammer75040

    mchammer75040 Newbie

    Its a boy...and he said something to his mommy
  13. king John I

    king John I Newbie

    "mommy, do you have a willy"
    "mommy what do you have in stead of a willy"
    "mommy, how big is your willy"
    "mommy, what deos my willy do?"
  14. Axyon

    Axyon Newbie

    Very mature. Keep on topic.
  15. king John I

    king John I Newbie

    sorry govner;(

    come on then give us the answear.
  16. mchammer75040

    mchammer75040 Newbie

    Yes sir! *whispers to king* he said "mommy can i see yours" then pointed at his weenie, dont ask me why he says some weird shit..like the other day he just started yellin the "N" word in this store..i smacked the shit out of him */end of whisper*

    There-done back on topic now...
  17. king John I

    king John I Newbie

    So how about

    Hydrolysed Vegetable Protien - ???

    *whispers back, whats the "N"word? nerd?
  18. Ok.. how old is this kid? What if you were downtown in a mosly black part of the neighborhood? That could lead to some uncomfortable situations...

    My word that hasn't been said...


    I forget exactly what it means and I don't care to look it up...
  19. mchammer75040

    mchammer75040 Newbie

    uhh yea i got one

    bugltette- the act of doing...something..

    *whispers back* omg he said niger..lol i didnt wanna say it so i didnt offend anyone but...bad thing is i live in a hardcore ghetto...so yea..*/end of whisper*

    *sees the nazi mod abom walk by...begins to sweet T_T*
  20. iamironsam

    iamironsam Newbie

    Clitoris - The real female penis.
  21. king John I

    king John I Newbie

    Protoclyia - sometyhing to do with biology

    *whisper, ooo... nasty.
  22. Lil' Timmy

    Lil' Timmy Newbie

    the kid was saying "niger"? kid knows his geography, how old is he? i don't know why you were smacking him over capitals in africa though..

    scruples means something like 'personal ethics', a scrupulous has strong personal ethics, or has a high moral integrity, something like that.

    oh and i got some more :)

    flibbertigibbet: haha, how could i forget that? another SAT word, it means scatterbrained. fun to say!
    ochlocracy a government of "mob rule". another fun one b/c i sound like i'm choking when i say it.
    threnody not really a weird word, but i like the way it sounds :) first encountered it in "threnody for the victims of hiroshima" by penderecki. it means elegy, or lament.
    pusillanimous haha, another SAT word, i like the sound of it. plus it has a good sound for what it means, which is 'cowardly' or 'timid' (but in a negative way)

    okay, now i'm done :cheese:
  23. mchammer75040

    mchammer75040 Newbie

    I live in a community that is dominated by blacks, i dont have a problem with it cause Ive lived around them my entire life so its no big deal...but when a 5 year old white boy is running through the dollar store yelling "N*gger N*gger N*gger head!" its kinda disrespectful and just f*cked up that his parents would let him say that...yea i notice its a capital but the word has context you know?
  24. Lil' Timmy

    Lil' Timmy Newbie

    sorry hammer (don't hurt me!), i was making fun of your spelling n*gger is the "n" word (don't y'all byatches worry, i'm half black), and niger is a west african country (oops, did i say capital! bad timmy!). i found it humorous that you should hit the kid over knowing his geography :) i knew you meant, i was just ****ing around, as per usual.

    since i ****ed it up, the capital of niger is niamey.
  25. dfc05

    dfc05 Tank

    Treacle--means molasses
    not really a weird word, but I like it :cheese:

    edit: No more SAT words, Lil' Timmy... I'm sick of the SAT!! Every time I see one I want to cover my head and run away -- please no more analogies! no more dull boring passages! no more math! But I already took it so I never have to see one again, hahaha, haha! :cheese:
  26. dfc05

    dfc05 Tank

    I can't believe I almost forgot about:

    Podunk!!!!!---definition straight from the dictionary is "any typically dull small town in the US"
    haha, caused a lot of laughter in 10th grade English class

    Edit: and lackadaisical--lazy, languid
  27. I could go get my *danish* dictionary and I could be spilling *weird* words all night?

    All I can think of ATM is bed I gotta sleep
  28. mchammer75040

    mchammer75040 Newbie

    Yea i know you were just jokin around with me about the spelling but i had to you know throw the other g out so it wouldnt ***** it....

  29. Lil' Timmy

    Lil' Timmy Newbie

    wait till you take the GRE (if you do), the verbal is a ****ing nightmare! but the math is actually easier than on the SAT (really). i took it back when the analytical section was logic games (now it's two writing sections :x). the last one (it's a progressive computerized test) was breathtaking, i'll paraphrase: "there are 15 pots in 3 rows of 5, you are to place flowers in each pot. there are short, med, and tall flowers, and the flowers can be red, blue, white, pink, or yellow", then there were a grand total of 7 rules for placement which i can't even begin to recall. i laughed out loud when i saw that one. in a way it's a good sign when you get rediculous shit like that, becuase the test is adaptive, so it means you've been doing well.

    alas, it's a lame writing section now.

    so after all that, i guess i have to put down a word..a word that truely describes the timmy:
    magniloquent: another one i like for the way it sounds. a bulgarian ex-girlfriend of mine used this to describe me once, first time i heard it (she was being sarcastic at the time). it's an awesome word, because it's basically a combination of magnificent and eloquent, and that pretty much what it means (speaking in an overly eloquent, or flowery way).
  30. Gumbo: Basically swamp-water stew.
  31. Panupunitoplasty: I have no idea what this word means.
  32. dfc05

    dfc05 Tank

    It sounds so unappealing like that. Gumbo tastes really good! :D

    EDIT: Oh wow I'm ant lion now, haha! took more than 4 months to get out of zombie-dom. :cheese:
  33. True, true, but I hear they make it by basically dredging a swamp and boiling what comes up.:p
  34. pat_thetic

    pat_thetic Newbie

    Roads... Ro ads.... Row Ads....
  35. Lil' Timmy

    Lil' Timmy Newbie

    well, let's try to break it down. pan as in pan-american games, so that prefix means something like "all" or "accross", "overall". upanito? ah the little town of upanito, ecuador.. a great place to gobble up some 'chupe de pescado'.. plasty, as in rhinoplasty, "comsmetic nose surgery".

    panupanitoplasty is the surgery to make "all" into "upanito", that is, to make over an entire body so that it resembles the tan, lithe, sexy residents of Upanito, Ecuador. it's pretty simple really.
  36. Wanking (newer really got to know what it means...)
  37. I seriously hope that you are joking...

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