• Weekly News Round-Up - Gray Horsfield, CS:GO Updates & Valve Developing Hardware

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    Feel like you haven't had enough Valve news this week already? Or maybe you haven't got the time to be following all the different kinds of Valve news each week? Well good news! You can check out our latest ValveTime Weekly News Round-up video below, in which we cover all the past week's Valve related news, from the Gray Horsfield SOB footage to the big CS:GO beta update.

    While you're there be sure to subscribe to the ValveTime Youtube channel to keep up to date with all our latest videos. We also have five (yes, FIVE!) new gameplay videos uploaded on the channel which many of you might have missed, feel free to check them out!

    Yes, we know its a few days late. Cry some more.


Discussion in 'News' started by Omnomnick, Apr 17, 2012.