• Vote for Half-Life 2 in G4 Competition

    Discussion in 'News' started by Sliver, Apr 10, 2012.


    G4 is running yet another one of their "Best Of" competitions, this particular one is called "Videogame Deathmatch: The Greatest Story Ever Told." Half-Life 2 is currently up against Mass Effect, with over two days of voting left.

    To see the entire list of games and to show your support for Half-Life 2 and Valve, you can see the brackets here. To go directly to the HL2 vs. Mass Effect page, go here. Be sure to continually check their site, and to keep voting for Half-Life 2!

    Portal 2 is also in the running up against Final Fantasy 7, be sure to cast your vote there as well!


Discussion in 'News' started by Sliver, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. ríomhaire
    I think I'll only vote on matches where I've played both games.
  2. Lobster
    Its kinda odd making a user vote about something as specific as story when it is only ever going to be a general popularity contest.
  3. Omnomnick
    Yeah, its a pretty stupid competition, but lets just treat it as a "Best Game" competition.
  4. morgs
    I hate these competitions, they only ever produce whinging.
  5. SpotEnemyBoats
    ME3 completely bombed, let me know when there is a bad HL game. kthanxbai
  6. bobtheskull
    This is a ridiculous concept. Like Morgs said, it'll decline into a whinging contest more than anything else. Deciding which game has the better story when the story types aren't even similar is just stupid.

    I've played FF7 and Portal 2 and know how completely different they are. And really, MGS3 against FF6?!? what??? And Halo2/PoP? Arkham/Ocarina?? Who came up with these matchups?
  7. Vegeta897
    I do believe they're random, as in any tournament.
  8. bobtheskull
    Fair enough. I understand that. I just think it would make more sense if it was based on genre rather than as the gaming industry as a whole.
  9. Omnomnick
    People are voting for Mass Effect purely because they think it means the whole series. Its just referring to the first game, which easily had the weakest story line/character development of the three games in the series.

    Half-Life 2 is slowly moving back up but it needs more votes, keep voting guys!
  10. JP50
    Couldn't agree more. Personally, I haven't played Mass Effect, but I voted for HL2 anyway 'cause it's the only game that has ever truly blown me away, gameplay wise and story wise. I've played many other excellent titles, but HL2 is just infinitely superior! I've played it and both episodes many times and don't seem to get tired of it. It's like a great novel, it REALLY makes me want to keep reading 'til the end (that will happen when HL3 is out :D). I sincerely doubt ME will be a tenth of that (I'll try it out someday, though).
  11. nofreeman
    damn these are some hard choices.
  12. sixteenth
    Like every other "BESTIST GAVE EV4R" contest, I'm not going to register in order to vote for your stupid contest.