Vivendi Delay Statement on Gamestar

Discussion in 'News' started by rec, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. sniperdoggy

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    Electronic Arts sucks all they do is release half assed sims expansions
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    At least Call of Duty is going to have the atention it deserves. This christmas were going to be hard for ohter games thanks to HL2. Now thanks this delay Call of Duty, Max Payne2 ,and UT2004 will surely find a way in my Harddisk.

    Call of Duty demo was great so Im sure this will be the multiplayer game to play this christmas. Also far Cry is supposed to be out this christmas and it will introduce great phisics, AI and vehicles.

    Fellow gamers this may be a christmas whyout halflife2 but still is going to be one of the best gaming christmas ever. PC gaming, instead of dying like some people will want, keeps bringing the best gamming experience. :bounce:

    P.S. Ill like to know about Countertrike Zero secret release?, Does the CS zero release has anything to do with this delay? It may, cause, no gamer is going to buy CS Zero with an inminent release of HL2 and a close CS2 release.......Cospiracy Theory here I come

  3. z2k

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    As long as it hits the stores before Duke Nukem Forever I'm happy...

    ...or maybe not.....gimmie now instead!

    edit: spelling...aint not my strong side
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  5. skidrow

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    now imagine that valve released the source code on purpose 2 delay the game lol

    wouldnt that be something hahaha.
  6. Vicelord

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    BAH, they better not delay it damnit, dissepointing millions of gamers yet again.... pfff...
  7. Dhoco X

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    Oct 5, 2003
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    F*ckoff HL2 for a moment ! Welcome DOOM 3 :D

    DEICIDE Guest

    2004 delay is ... WRONG ! (tnx god)

    From the french site Overgame HL² is NOT delayed to April 2004 !

    The french division of Vivendi Universal Games was contacted, and deny all the recent declarations published in the french economic magasine 'Les Echos' by C.Ramboz.

    VUG said too, than they're not abilited to communicate any infos about HL² (VUG is just the distributor remember), but only VALVe.

    However, C.Ramboz affirm than the Valve hacking is responsible of the actual delay.

    IMO trust no one, only Gabe Newell !
  9. RoyaleWithCheese

    Sep 26, 2003
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    really confusing, so this Ramboz fella spoke to soon, was misquoted, and all of the big news agencies bought that....
  10. DrDemonic

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  11. Dhoco X

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    Oct 5, 2003
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    Valve said nothing.
  12. Spook

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    Ugh, at this point Gabe and the whole crew and screw themselves with that golden crowbar if this shit is legit. Yeah, we should probably just shut up and wait until April but I don't care for the way they've handled this at all.

    The whole thing smells of bullshit.
  13. XShrike

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    If they do delay it until april. Then they need to release the names and addresses of the hackers so we know who to blame.
  14. Blud Stane

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    man, i love valve.. and i was the type to say "lay off" so they can work and get the game out whenever. Man this is really upsetting if they push back till April, I mean WTF that's a huge difference than setp 30th. I can't imagine that they couldn't tell the difference in design progress to make a 7 MONTH difference. That's fishy, and so the code is leaked... so what? they didnt steal the code.... valve is no more worse off, just violated. :( wtf?
  15. midspace

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    This is to be expected. However, I’m surprised the announcement has come so soon.
    Vivendi have to say something to keep us, the public happy as well as making sure their shareholders continue to believe they know what they are doing.
    Valve would more than likely have said something similar about a delay in the coming weeks, but they have yet to finish analysing how much of their code has been compromised. Their concerns are more on stopping the hacker(s) and catching them, and that’s before fixing code, and legal proceedings regarding IP, and the loss of licensed code from the Havoc engine and ID’s quake engine.

    If you get yourself a full copy of Half-Life 2 before April 2004, count yourself lucky. But don’t be too dependent on that date. It’ll be done when they cry, “It’s gone GOLD baby!”

    Next out :- Half Life 2 :- Total Conversion. Hunt for the Hacker.
    Join the Valve team, as they gather arms in this total conversion of the new HL2 engine, as they seek out a rampant hacker across six famous city locales, following the trail of the evidence, and the multitude of robotic henchmen left in the hackers wake. All followed by a climatic showdown never seen since the likes of Duke Nukem!
  16. Apos

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    May 14, 2003
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    An April 2004 release will take all the wind out of HL2. It was going to be the first big next gen game. By April 2004, it'll be one among a growing field, and indeed outdated in many ways technically. I hope Valve realizes this.

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