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[VIDEO] Black Mesa Source 'On A Rail' Footage Leaked

Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Hectic Glenn

    Hectic Glenn Site Director Staff Member

    Below you can see footage which has been submitted to us anonymously by one of our readers. We've been told the video shows a build from 4-5 weeks ago, of the Source reimaginaging of Half-life 1 chapter 'On a Rail'.

    The BMS team have published this official statement, answering many of the questions you might have.

    The video shows several iconic Half-life 1 weapons with a couple of mechanics which seem a little out of place in Half-life (iron sights!?). Nonetheless, it's good to see some gameplay footage of the mod which is as elusive as the loch ness monster.

    Info on the video changes and current situation here.

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  2. SpotEnemyBoats

    SpotEnemyBoats Companion Cube

    Iron sites and bobbling head in a remake of HL1? Oh god, please no.

    I hope its not in the newer build.
  3. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

    Weapon sounds are on par with Halo in terms of sounding like shitty little Nerf guns. Gameplay doesn't look good at all either. Music sounds like something straight out of a "My First Song Ever" album by someone desperately trying to make electronic music for the first time. Couldn't sound farther from being Half-Life.
  4. SpotEnemyBoats

    SpotEnemyBoats Companion Cube

    I remember the BM dev's saying they were trying to make it more appealing to modern standards. And now it feels like HL turn into COD/Battlefield.

    BM dev's are trying too hard to make it a new game, all we wanted was a remake of HL1 with source. I wouldn't be surprised if this mod has health regen.
  5. Barnz

    Barnz ValveTime Reporter Staff Member

    I hated every second of it.
  6. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

    The BM devs are idiots. I can't believe it's taken 8 years for this.
  7. Tuskin

    Tuskin Spy

    Uhh HL1 had head bob. And the 357 Ironsight might be a replacement for the Zoom it had in HL1.

    Either way the BMS team have strictly stated that Black Mesa will not have ironsights as a Main feature. this might be a toggle thing in the game options/extra menu, like the headcrab attaching to your head QTE.
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  8. idopik

    idopik Medic

    I'm actually pretty sure it didn't.

    The thing that bothered me the most was the voice acting... Obviously this is a non-profit thing, so they won't have big Hollywood stars doing it, but I think I could do a more convincing job than those 2 soldiers in the video.
  9. SpotEnemyBoats

    SpotEnemyBoats Companion Cube

    Many in the HL community has called it the DNF of the modding world, they sure have tried very hard to be Gearbox/3Drealms.

    The only bobbling was the typical you had in your regular faced paced FPS, I'm talking about the type that would cause motion sickness, this is exactly like Fakefactory's Cinematic Mod in so many ways.

    They even replaced G-man's VA, probably sounds horrible.
  10. Companion™

    Companion™ Headcrab

    Ironsight in HL looks too weird.
  11. MindCrack

    MindCrack Hunter

    This is my leak, but whatever...
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  12. Barnz

    Barnz ValveTime Reporter Staff Member

    > The CD version of Half-Life had head bobbing. They later removed it.
    > You can only use 357's scope in the multiplayer mode in Half-Life.
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  13. Dekstar

    Dekstar Companion Cube

    gameplay footage--while nice--is not going to be indicative of the final game.

    I'm still reserving judgement.
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  14. ríomhaire

    ríomhaire Moderator Staff Member

    Ok I don't generally like to be overly negative but I do not like what I'm seeing here. I always thought the point of this mod was to bring Half-Life 1 in line with the Half-Life 2 style and the more I see the less this seems to be the case (though the solders seems to have been brought down to the level of Combine troops!)

    The most entertaining thin about the video is the voice acting. Sounds like some people trying to badly imitate Metal Gear Solid DRAMATIC VOICES.

    Oh and Tuskin the revolver only had zoom in multiplayer, so there is no need for it or a replacement for it in the story mode.
  15. Tuskin

    Tuskin Spy

    You can hear BMS's G-Man in their trailer for 2009. That sound clip was not taken from episode 2.
    Also, just like HL1 and 2 Their Barney vocie actor also does G-man.

    Also, I they have stated head bobbing intensity can be changed in BMS, he/she may have had it set to high, if that is true.
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  16. Tuskin

    Tuskin Spy

    Yeah, I remember now. Sorry.
  17. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

    If they're going to create terrible new voice overs for the HECU instead of using the original badass voices they could at least throw some static over the voices to make them sound less bad.


    >the tracks don't electrocute

    day 1 pirate 0/10 would not bang f*cking EA
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  18. SpotEnemyBoats

    SpotEnemyBoats Companion Cube

    According to BM's developer wiki, they have a new VA for G-man.
  19. ACelibateClergy

    ACelibateClergy Infected

    I honestly, for the life of me, cannot get the moaning and whining about iron-sights. I mean, I don't ****ing get why anyone would bother complaining about it. Half Life Vanilla arguably had an even worse irritating zoom system.

    And for head bobbing, the only reason you would get sick from it is if you had ocular problems/sense of direction problems. Normal people do not have such problems, it isn't an issue.

    The only thing I could bitch about is the voice-acting, but this is non-profit, so I doubt I can really be mad at them, as for a non-profit mod, this looks absolutely goddamned fantastic.
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  20. Tuskin

    Tuskin Spy

    I didn't mean they were using the voice actor from HL1 and 2.

    Kevin "Debeerguy007" Sisk - Security Guard, Barney Calhoun, G-man, Eli Vance

    He does the G-Man voice in he 2009 trailer, and he sounds right on.
  21. Danny_ZQ

    Danny_ZQ Party Escort Bot

    Oh God. What's next for BM:S? A killcam?
  22. Trooper

    Trooper Spy

    Nice to see something from the team after all these years. As for iron sights, I don't mind them at all. Gameplay? Will reserve judgement until it is released!
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  23. ACelibateClergy

    ACelibateClergy Infected

    >Improving shitty vanilla Half Life zoom system, irrelevant head-bob

    Half Life really does have one of the worst fan-bases.
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  24. Danny_ZQ

    Danny_ZQ Party Escort Bot

    I also hope they fix the soldier voices. They all sound overly dramatic and take long pauses when talking.
  25. ACelibateClergy

    ACelibateClergy Infected

    To extent I agree. But it's a non-profit mod, the vanilla half-life actors are even worse, the quality of the voices are ear-bleedingly terrible.
  26. Danny_ZQ

    Danny_ZQ Party Escort Bot

    None of the Half-Life games or mods ever had a killcam, why should this mod start?
  27. Danny_ZQ

    Danny_ZQ Party Escort Bot

    Finally, something we can agree on.
  28. ACelibateClergy

    ACelibateClergy Infected

    Except it doesn't have one.
  29. JossiRossi

    JossiRossi Platinum Content Creator Staff Member

    For the Soldier voices I was actually really disappointed that they aren't really modified to sound like they are over a radio during combat. There was just something really iconic about it and dehumanized them. When I am shooting them in the face I don't want to think of them as people. I'd be fine with hearing them more clearly in dialogue moments, after all I doubt they are broadcasting their idle chit-chat. Which comes to the problem that the VO talent on the soldier is awful. I can hear the talent in his voice, but how he performs things is almost laughable. Rarely any audible context clues and he's straight up doing a David Hayter. I'd redo all the soldier voice work and I dunno maybe get more than just one guy for them. How about 4-5 tops.
  30. MindCrack

    MindCrack Hunter

    This is not final, people!
  31. JossiRossi

    JossiRossi Platinum Content Creator Staff Member

    This is the problem with teams that go really underground. We have no idea how new/old this is. All we know is that it is all we have, and humans judge based on what they see. We see some pretty big issues, and until the BM team counters it with either an official comment or a new demonstration of their own this is all we have to think about an overly long awaited mod.
  32. MindCrack

    MindCrack Hunter

    Um, this is from August 4.
  33. JossiRossi

    JossiRossi Platinum Content Creator Staff Member

    The build is from August of this year? The news blurb says, "We've been told the video shows a fairly old build of the Source reimaginaging of Half-life 1 chapter 'On a Rail'." And they have this voice actor for quite a while haven't they? I dunno, it seems like they are suffering from their isolation. You crawl so deep into yourself you can't objectively see what some things look like. Hell I like the visuals and the gameplay feels HL2ish in a disappointing way, but it still LOOKS very enjoyable. It just sure as hell does not SOUND enjoyable.
  34. Hectic Glenn

    Hectic Glenn Site Director Staff Member

    We've been told by source a from the BMS team it's an old build, I've also seen a quote of 2010-2011 but I can't verify that. All credit to the BMS, they are unable to reveal these details as they are under a non-disclosure agreement. Mod leader, Carlos Montero will need to clarify details with the public in an official statement, which we will happily update and include in this article (and in the video description + annotations). If anyone wishes to contact me with that statement, I've left my email with the mapper who provided the quote above and I'm not hard to find via Steam community. Thanks.
  35. JossiRossi

    JossiRossi Platinum Content Creator Staff Member

    An NDA? That seems peculiar. I've only had to deal with legitimate NDAs with companies doing for profit projects. Lots of people like to throw around NDAs in circumstances that often don't require them, but I'd be rather surprised if it were the case here. Really it is invoked when working with someone "bigger" than you. I, as an individual, signed an NDA with 800 North for my ability to work on Dino D-Day. So for the BM team as a whole to have an NDA agreement, means they could be working with a similarly bigger company. The obvious idea is Valve. The long stretch is that Valve may pay for and host the final product. I doubt we'd be cahrged, but members might be compensated.

    But, it could also essentially be a frivolous NDA for all we know with no one of particular importance. Perhaps for the use of a particular tech or something.

    Misunderstood. The NDA appears to be between the team and Carlos Mentaro. Which is more reasonable, but really a shame as I'd love to hear more from the team itself about the project than just it's figurehead.
  36. Ritke Vorresteri

    Ritke Vorresteri Sandvich

    No, they aren't.
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  37. morgs

    morgs The Freeman

    No gibs? What is this?

    Why do the guns sound like nail guns?

    I think I'll stick to the original.
  38. Vegeta897

    Vegeta897 Banned as all fuck

    You'd better watch it, buddy.
  39. Wanted Bob

    Wanted Bob Companion Cube

    I liked most of what I saw, though I agree that it would be better for the soldiers to have the crazy static voices like they used to. Makes it feel like the original and they get to somewhat mask the quality of the VA (which while not the worst I have ever heard, certainly was not great).

    Honestly, I would not have noticed the head bobbing had someone not mentioned it, not a big deal to me. Iron sights are very much "un-Half Life" but if there is a way to disable that then it doesn't bother me.

    Anyways, these are just small niggling things when compared to what was shown. It still looks really great, and the gameplay certainly looked fine to me, so I will look forward to playing through when it FINALLY gets released.
  40. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

    Published by 3DRealms.

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