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Vampire Bloodlines malk girl skin WIP

Discussion in 'Game Modifications' started by H2HSnake, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. H2HSnake

    H2HSnake Newbie

    this is a new skin for V:Bloodlines.If you want to use it you must change line in vampire/vdata/system/clandoc000.txt (make a backup)
    You must find a line of the character clan/armor you wish to replace and place whole line for stripper3 model "models/characters/npc/common/stripper/stripper3.mdl" something like that :)For now it's still WIP it will be released when it's ready(tomorrow i guess)...enjoy.
    P.S. hehe i would like to see some V:B models running in Hl2 death mach :D

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  2. Tinneth

    Tinneth Newbie

    She's name is Christy? :upstare:
  3. H2HSnake

    H2HSnake Newbie

    looooool my mistake lololol hehe here is fixed :) maybe i wanted to write she's hot second time lol

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  4. Dante

    Dante Newbie

    not bad, but uhmm....

    nvm, her tits are fine, just big for ... her body lol.
  5. H2HSnake

    H2HSnake Newbie

    i didn't make the model, just texture.Model is original V:B with original V:B big boobs lol.I'll make other skins soon :) with smaller tits ;p
  6. Mess

    Mess Newbie

    tool fan, nice one.
  7. H2HSnake

    H2HSnake Newbie

  8. azz0r

    azz0r Newbie

    How easy and consistant is HL2 models to Vampire BL.

    Is it possible to release her on HL2?
  9. H2HSnake

    H2HSnake Newbie

    you mean character with naked source boobs? actually it's possible since these boobs has it's own animation (bouncing :D :bounce: :bounce: ) i wonder if it's possible to convert these bouncing boobs models to Hl2 deathmach .
  10. MysticalMrBob

    MysticalMrBob Newbie

  11. Bouncing naked boobs in Hl2dm?! Count me in, I wanna see! :E
  12. yadalogo

    yadalogo Newbie

    If that happens you wouldnt see much fighting just people staring at other people who are crounch and standing over and over again. :thumbs:
  13. Beserker

    Beserker Newbie

    For some reason the right most picture looks like that damn blood bank biotch.

    Cool though but she's not all that...naive-like. I mean, what is cooler than a psychotic schoolgirl?
  14. st0lve

    st0lve Newbie

    you know that this counts as stealing?
    you have no premission from Troika to do this.
  15. thereisaspoon

    thereisaspoon Newbie

    perfectly legal, the skin is for vampire bloodlines

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