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ValveTime Video Review - Natural Selection 2

Discussion in 'News' started by Omnomnick, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Omnomnick

    Omnomnick Lead Content Creator Staff Member

    After a long testing period, does Natural Selection 2's release stand up to expectations? Or has the classic mod failed to adapt and evolve to survive? Find out in our ValveTime Review!

    Don't forget to enter our competition using the details at the end of the video in order to be in with a chance of winning one of two copies of Natural Selection 2. The two winners of the competition will be announced this weekend on the ValveTime weekly news round-up alongside the Metro 2033 giveaway we're currently running on our ValveTime Top 5 Halloween episode.

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    FIREJAM Headcrab

    I would improve the Tank from Left 4 Dead, I would combine it with the witch to give it much more running speed and attacking speed making it deadly to any player, also the scream would scare everyone.
  3. morgs

    morgs The Freeman

    Good review.

    I'm really liking NS2. I played the hell out of NS1, and I can safely say that this game is even more fun than the original. One thing I'm glad about is that they've made the Gorge more fun to play. Being able to belly slide is a God send.
  4. Rorschach120

    Rorschach120 Party Escort Bot

    I've got an extra copy if anyone has anything worth trading over Steam. Message me if you are interested.

    As far as my opinion of the game: It is so freaking complex that it takes only a couple minutes to realize who is going to win the round. Each team has different imbalances in different areas. Marines, I feel, have a disadvantage late game.... As-in if you make it to late game you better be good. Most Marine games I win are quick victories.

    I disagree completely with what you said about Onos being the best late-game unit. Their speed makes them useless on their own. Fades, or Lerks, can hold an area solo just by popping in and out while an Onos would be forced to run back and wait for allies. While they can take a lot of damage, they can't get from marine to marine fast enough to prevent them from grenade-ing everything; thus you are always better off being a fade. The only time I ever go Onos is if the commander make eggs for them.

    Fades are just so ridiculously OP it is insane. It really makes this game seem pointless after playing for so long. 3 decent fades could kill a marine command easily, 3 decent fades working together are pretty much unstoppable. I remember in NS1 when the fades could at least be taken down easily. They really had to rely on their speed; Get up close and kill quickly, then get out and rely on other lifeforms to move into the base. In NS2 fades can take a whole clip from a marine MG, and then a bit more. This, mixed with their ability to just fall back and quickly heal (whether by structure or evolve) makes them way too OP. I think a good fix would be to reduce their armor but give them just a tiny bit more health. Just my opinion though.

    All of this being said it is still NS and I have loved this game since it came out. I am really looking forward to the fixes they will bring as well as more features. CO mode please!!
  5. Rorschach120

    Rorschach120 Party Escort Bot

    Contest entry (sorry but double-post was necessary):

    I would combine G-man with the hunter so that he could randomly pop out of no-where jumping and screaming:

    (in the style of the hunter's pounce-scream, boldness implies screeching)


    "AFTER DOTA!!"
  6. StixNStonz

    StixNStonz Sandvich

    A Pull Barnacle, a variant on the standard HL2 barnacle (which could be considered a 'Lift Barnacle' to make the distinction).

    Recap: The HL2 barnacles (lift barnacles) hide on ceilings and dangle a sticky tongue-like thing down. When the player touches it, they get stuck and start being lifted to the ceiling. The player needs to shoot the barnacle before it pulls them up and starts dealing damage. They offer great gameplay and mix really well with other systems, like how you can throw a burning barrel into them, enemies can get caught, the player can slide down a slippery slope avoiding them, the player can even use them to gain height and drop to a secret platform, etc.

    Pull Barnacle key points:

    * Low profile, whether on the ground or wall; easily unnoticed, easily hidden with debris.

    * Their tongues lay flat across the ground and act as traps. When the players touches them, they get stuck and start being pulled toward the barnacle.

    Here's where it gets interesting...

    * The player, if he has his feet on the ground, can fight against the pull:
    ---If the player pushes past the maximum tongue distance, the tongue rips out and kills the ground barnacle.
    ---Things could still get caught in the tongue, between the player and the barnacle, offering some puzzle scenarios or weaponless kills.
    ---If the player drops off a ledge, his feet are no longer on the ground and the barnacle starts pulling him back up. This allows for some interesting navigation, as the player can be attached, fight to get some distance, then jump off a ledge and swing down to grab secret items before being pulled back up.

    * When touching the actual barnacle, the player does get damage, but they don't get stuck there; they can still fight against the pull and get beyond the damage area.

    * During combat with other enemy types, the Pull Barnacle would act as a state-changer:
    ---The player now becomes semi-tied down, their natural movement lightly impaired.
    ---The player has to decide whether to deal with the pull barnacle first, or just perform combat with other enemies and just counter the pull until the enemies are dealt with.
    ---While the player's motion away from the barnacle is slower, they can still run the radius around the barnacle at a normal speed... and run even faster than normal towards the barnacle.

    So basically, it's still a barnacle, but it's more subtle, more easily camouflaged and less easily noticed. It also is less of an immediate risk than the Lift Barnacles, since you can fight against their pull, don't have to shoot them to kill them and don't have the immediate time frame before damage. Since this is a lateral pull rather than a vertical one, this opens the possibilities of pulling the player into an enemy's line of fire, onto a slope, nearer to environmental dangers, etc. They also act as a bit of 'spice' during otherwise normal combat encounters. They also keep the player on the ground, so the player is still susceptible to ground attacks (which they're not when they're pulled up from lift barnacles).
  7. Dr.IndianaJones

    Dr.IndianaJones Diamond Content Creator Staff Member

    Well I got some work to do now...
    Thanks Nick... :p
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  8. deathhunter91

    deathhunter91 Headcrab

    I would combine Hunter and the witch you know why?? because double slashing power with craziness of the witch and creepiness and hunters jumping and grabbing abilities makes it the ultimate zombie hunter (against humans)

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