Featured Valve Releases Statement Regarding Third-Party Gambling Sites

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    While those of us in the know fully understood Valve played no role with third-party gambling and betting websites, particularly those related to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and recent scandals, the company released a statement earlier today condemning their activities. In a blog post and press release by Erik Johnson, Valve confirms that they have never had any direct or indirect interactions with any of these sites, with the site owners instead simply taking advantage of the Steam OpenID API and bot accounts.


    These actions, in particular the shady use of the OpenID API, are not permitted by Valve or the Steam User Agreement, permitting Valve to now clamp down hard on gambling sites and to take legal action against them where necessary. Thanks to recent shenanigans, which we discussed on last week's Round-Up, we're sure CSGO Lotto will be sat rather uncomfortably at the top of Valve's list. We'll likely hear more about this story throughout the community as CS:GO gambling websites slowly but steadily start disappearing or changing format.

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