• Valve is attending E3 2012

    Discussion in 'News' started by -smash-, Mar 2, 2012.

    Valve's name has been added to the official list of E3 2012 exhibitors. They'll be located in PMR501B which is a private room where an appointment is required to enter.

    Ok folks, I know I'm singing the same old song here, but could this be the year we catch a glimpse of Valve's next Half-Life?

    There's been an influx in chatter and rumors since 2011 about the next HL game. It kicked off with this tweet showing a Valve employee trolling around in a Half-Life 3 shirt at a local game developers meetup. And then to add some fuel to the fire, we heard from OXM that a US-based voice actor was recording some lines for "Half-Life: Episode 3"... But before all of that, PC Gamer's "Spy" also suggested that we might be seeing Gordon Freeman again soon.

    Some will suggest that Valve is attending E3 2012 to show off Dota 2 and/or CS:GO. But would Valve really have a private meeting room to showcase two games that are very much in a public beta? I certainly don't think so. And E3 is an expensive venue for exhibitors, so for them to book a room to only show some Portal 2 DLC or L4D DLC seems very unlikely as well.

    And then the last possibility of what we could see is an entirely new IP from Valve, something that's been rumored for awhile now. Last year, a game journalist was given information at EA's Spring Conference about how Valve was developing a new IP. Around that same time, a gamer by the name of PoliticalGamer took a tour of Valve's offices and found some unseen & unknown concept art on the walls. Then a few months later, references to an unknown game were found in Dota 2's code. Lastly, some of this concept art was found on Peter Konig's portfolio website - [concise album], linking the "SOB" file references with the mysterious concept art.

    So what do you think? What is Valve going to show us at E3? GDC 2012 also starts this coming Monday, and it appears that Valve will have a rather large presence at that event as well, so maybe we'll get an early taste of things to come.

    As always, stay tuned!
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Discussion in 'News' started by -smash-, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Mogi67
  2. crazydog
    If it's not Half-Life 3 I'm gonna cut his dick off.
  3. SpotEnemyBoats
    Watch, it will be a Day of Defeat remake.
  4. crazydog
    Day Of Defeat: Global Offensive, you say?
  5. rjthrog
    I would gladly take a new DOD game. But I think I'm one of the few gamers that still enjoys WW2 games.
  6. Higlac
    It's going to be a kart based spin off game.
  7. ríomhaire
    I think it would be silly of Valve to announce any new games right now when they should be building hype for the two they already have coming out. There's even a name for it, the Osborne effect.

    More than likely it'll just be big picture mode and some for info about CSGO/Dota 2.
  8. Tagaziel
    Uh, this wouldn't qualify for the Osborne Effect rims, because HL3 isn't going to damage the sales of CS:GO and DOTA2, as they are products aimed at different audiences. One is a competitive shooter, the other a, well, DOTA game, while HL3 is a predominantly singleplayer title.

    Personally, I think this'd be the optimal time to announce HL3, since interest in it has been revived lately.
  9. ríomhaire
    True the products won't directly compete with each other but people only have so much attention. They're going to want to generate hype and announcing a new game could definitely overshadow the other two, even if they are fundamentally different there will be overlap of interest and would distract from the current two things they're trying to promote.
  10. <RJMC>
    left4dead 3
  11. Insano
    I would love L4D3. Then again, I'm a sucker for everything Valve produces.
  12. sixteenth
    Half-Life 2: Episode 2: The Shepard Chronicles: Part 1
  13. FrostedxB
    Portal 3 or Ricochet 2.
  14. SpotEnemyBoats
    I'm pretty sure CS:GO will be old news, and E3 isn't the right venue for Dota 2. Why would they set a private room for those games that already in public beta's?
  15. Tollbooth Willie
    This is the only good thing Valve could ever make happen.

  16. Mr Stabby
    Day of defeat: modern warfare.
  17. tabernumse
    Valve introducing: Left4Dead HATS!

    No, but seriously, it's gotta be HL3.. I mean, imagine the fan rage if it is not!
  18. Cunni
    I'm hoping it's a full on Half Life sequel!! None of this episodic stuff, especially after such a long time! ~20 hours of gameplay! *starts stuffing cash into mattress for a new computer*
  19. Shem
    As if you even have one.
  20. BabyHeadCrab
    ...that would be sweet! With SP and shit. Hell yeah.
  21. <RJMC>
    gunman chronicles 2
  22. MFL
    Descent 4.
  23. Cogen
    I'll be happy with either HL3 or the new space-themed IP.

    I've been longing for a great space game ever since I fell in love with Freelancer nearly a decade ago. I'd be over the moon if it was something like that. The only popular alternative I'm currently aware of is Eve Online, and I refuse to pay monthly for a game.
  24. Azax
    if its not a half life / portal merger game (all the signs point to this) ill cut all our dicks off.....
  25. Ennui
  26. BabyHeadCrab
    I hope it's not called the "Steam Box" if this is true, that would be a rather unfortunate name.
  27. SpotEnemyBoats
    I wouldn't mind this, an updated version of the engine that Portal 2 and Dear Ether used, new weapons, remake of old maps? Shit would be so cash.

    I agree with BHC, that would be a terrible name. And I'm building a new PC soon, so I couldn't care less. :/

    EDIT: Then again, I could hook that baby up to my 56" LCD LG TV.
    Already have the Steam box. It's called a pc.
  29. YouKnow



    Doesn't seem like it to me, but who knows? Maybe they've changed their minds.
  30. dogboy73
    This could be any number of thigns from Valve. What about this rumoured console featured in the story posted after this one? The Half Life 3 t-shirt gives me hope. But is that for real or a possible fake? If it is real then it obviously means the long awaited Episode 3 has gone out the window (as I predicted it had, in favour of Half Life 3, a couple of years ago).
  31. Azax
    I agree with this that episode 3 is probably "out of the window" as it has been so long, I also think that the ending to EP2 was the perfect place to leave half life 2 as it was an amazing cliff hanger with them now in-rout to an aperture science vessel (the borealis) kind of supports the idea that the two games may have a common sequel. That may be why they choose not to do episode 3 and instead flesh out the portal back-story ready for the two games to "meet"

    In summery I don’t think episode 3 is going to happen, it will either be half life 3 or some new title that is a merger of the two... maybe black aperture haha
    Day of Defeat: Pacific Offensive. I always thought the DoD franchise was lacking in island hopping gameplay

    Its very hard to give a console a name with a theme based around Valves and Pipes, perhaps they would go with the Half-Life theme? The Reactor or Dark Core springs to mind. The chassis could look sciency or high tech, unlike the Xbox 360s sleek-contemporary and Playstation 3's George Forman designs.

    But then, they may of just decided to produce new controllers for X360/PS3/PC to accomodate players that prefer controllers over mouse/keyboard, but which has a trackball for precision aiming in no aiming-assist games. I'm guessing CS:GO is one of those games.
  33. sharkyshu
    Oh well here comes that time of the year again ..... Now seriously , I think that Valve needs to generate some hype again . I don't think that CS:GO or DOTA2 are enough. Sooooooo HL is my guess but then again it was my guess for some time now . Personally I think that we are pretty much done with Portal games for now , so I don't thnik that Portal 3 is going to be at E3. Either it is the next HL or a completly new game.
  34. Tagaziel
    Sell it as Orange Box 2 then.
  35. tomemozok
    It would be nice to see them make prospero a reality,since it was the sister game for HL.
    But i guess it's HL3(yes,not an episode,but a full sequel),because if it isn't,the HL franchise will suffer from the rage of the fans (including myself here).
  36. Danny_ZQ
    Half-Life 2: Episode 2: Episode 1
  37. John1986
    i really really really really really hope's it's a new Half-Life 2 but will also not be upset if it's left 4 dead 3 etiher but still