• Upgrade to ValveTime.net - Planned Down Time

    Discussion in 'News' started by Yorick, Feb 27, 2012.

    As some of you have already heard, we're making the switch over to a new domain soon - ValveTime.net. Unfortunately while we sort out getting things moved over and adjust to a new system, there is going to be some unavoidable downtime. Starting on this Thursday, and taking a day or two (hopefully less) the site will be unavailable, so as not to lose any posts / users / etc  during the transfer.

    With the changes that are taking place, we will be in a far better position to serve the community than we have been for quite some time. I'll be making a post explaining more in detail what to expect, once we complete the relaunch.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Yorick, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Maestro
  2. Au-heppa
    Upgrade your account to ValveTime now! Premium for only 9.99!
  3. <RJMC>
    so no more hl2.net?
  4. Pi Mu Rho
    My, but you're quick on the uptake.
  5. Kadayi
    I'm holding out for the GOTY edition. I'll have no truck with the inevitable Day-One DLC
  6. Absinthe
    Will F2P accounts have post count restrictions?
  7. Rossjg
    That's why we did it.
  8. Ennui
    The domain will continue pointing here and the forum archive will remain but from here on out we're called ValveTime.net.

    You get 10 free posts. After that you'll need to purchase ValveTimeBux in order to purchase additional posts (in increments of 50), avatars, signatures ($5 for a text-based 4 line signature, $15 for a 500x100 image signature, $100 for a 800x800px maximum image sig) and private messaging abilities. We will also have several subscription levels, Citizen being the lowest (free) followed by Metrocop, Combine Soldier, Elite, and Strider with incremental costs and benefits.
  9. mechanicallizard

    Vive la revolution.

    JOKES lolol. I, for one, welcome our new Name.

    Two halflife references one post thats gotta be worth something
  10. Mogi67
    The video gave me the impression that it was going to be an official valve site. Goddamn, now i feel like an idiot. I got excited over nothing
    What an insulting name. It implies we're all retarded.
  12. Yorick
  13. Vegeta897
    I think this is just Deathmaster's way of coming out retarded.
  14. Yorick
    I think he did that a long time ago.
  15. Lobster
    Don't worry, over time that feeling of excitement will scab over to form a resilient layer of pessimism. Its something all valve fans come to develop over time.
  17. Yorick
  18. Vegeta897
    Oh man, how embarrassing! Guys didn't you know about this running gag!?!?! God, I would have thought you'd so some research before coming up with a new site name!
    FTFY, because you're one of us too, York Patty.
  20. Yorick
    I like how you avoided answering my question, simply because you had no idea what you were talking about.

    I hope the new name does imply that you're retarded.
  21. BabyHeadCrab
    Off to a good start here, ya'll.
    It might take me a few posts to answer.
  23. Hectic Glenn
    The new name is a gentle nod to the 'Valve Time' concept. It's obviously in jest and not intended to be offensive or accusatory towards Valve. In the second stroke (to those who don't know the term) it is a time and place for Valve news and a Valve community.

    We're certainly not pretending to be 'official', we've just worked hard to make the site the best we can without losing the our HL2.net beginnings. Your forum accounts and posts for example, will live on! I'm glad you mistook the video for an official one Mogi, it was well made by some of our fine community members including Au Heppa and Kadayi. Also I should add, the voice of Alyx is indeed Merle Dandridge (the actual voice of Alyx) who was kind enough to supply me with the sound bite in our recent interview.
  24. Emporius

    This will be...interesting.
  25. ShinRa
    I for one, a member here of almost 10 years, am deeply saddened to know this site will be renamed to something as lame and awful as valvetime.net. I will however, still be an avid member, even though I am thoroughly disgusted.
  26. TechnoHippyChic
    Kinda have to agree with this. I dunno, I guess I'd get used to it, but c'mon, having a site named halflife2.net 7+ years after the game came out is the ultimate nod to Valve Time...

    I always thought a name change would come when there was about to be something after "Half-Life 2".......


    maybe they know something we don't...
  27. BabyHeadCrab
    Microsoft is changing it's quad-color iconic badge in favor of this blue beauty: [IMG]

    Between these two changes it might be best for us to resign from the internet.
  28. Krynn72
    My face, when I realized this was actually happening.


    I am dead inside.
  29. Tollbooth Willie
    Everyone just go home. There's nothing left here once the change is made. One day my kids will find this forum. And I'll have to explain to them the greatest story ever told in internet history..a legendary tale of a forum.
  30. FrostedxB
    Your children will probably kill themselves knowing they will never do anything as extraordinary as being a part of an internet forum.
  31. Tollbooth Willie
    I'll be dead before I have kids anyway. :V
  32. BabyHeadCrab
    Do you know what time it is, ya'll?

    It's Valve Time, with Gabe the game man Newell! But seriously all good things, and titles, must come to an end. Arbitrary as hell, bitches.
  33. Stigmata
    Don't worry guys, we can always make new puns, like HelpTime.net.
  34. Tollbooth Willie
    Lifetime.net movie network.
  35. Anthraxxx
  36. Damic
    You know if you rotate the picture 90┬░ to the left, the new windows logo is a trashcan ;)

    Nice to know there's gonna be a new name. This is because recently I watched to many non HL news but more regular Valve news.
  37. MultiVaC
    Looking forward to the new site, gonna miss the old name though :(. It might sound weird, but it's going to feel odd to think of it as something other than halflife2.net. But I guess that's what almost a decade of being here does to you; I'm sure I'll get used to it.
  38. mechanicallizard
    So do we get a new colour scheme?