UPDATED: "Left 4 Dead: Survivors" Arcade Port In Development

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    Updated: 14/05/14
    A full trailer has been released, revealing the gameplay and campaigns featured in Left 4 Dead: Survivors will actually appear largely the same to that of the original game. Four new exclusive characters have also been revealed, who will likely remain exclusive to this Japanese arcade port.​
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    Earlier today, Japanese developer Taito teased that an arcade version of Left 4 Dead is in development. As with the company’s previous Valve-related arcade port, Half-Life 2: Survivor, Valve has licensed out the series name to Taito, who will use it to develop their own modified title.​


    Details are sparse on the project thus far, but, given the differences between Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Survivor, it is likely that this version of the game will be very different from the Western release in order to appeal to the extremely large Japanese arcade scene. This somewhat bizarre live action trailer was also shown, featuring people in zombie make-up walking the streets, scaring people and… playing video games.
    The video, uploaded back in February, originally revealed "Project Z", a seemingly work-in-progress title which now appears set to be replaced by the aforementioned "Left 4 Dead: Survivors" name revealed on the website earlier today.
    No concrete release date has been given, but, according to the teaser site, it looks like the game will be releasing in Japan later this year. The game is reportedly going to run on arcade systems known as Nesica. The rather empty teaser site for the game can be found here.​

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