Third Annual Saxxy Award Winners Announced

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    After two months of submissions, two hundred approved films, and two weeks of voting, Valve have finally announced the winners of the third annual Saxxy Awards. Virtual statues of shiny austrailium have been awarded to the very best movies in four individual categories, with a fifth awarded to the overall winner.​
    The Saxxy awards began way back in 2011 with submissions taken primarily from the Team Fortress 2 demo recording tools. However, in 2012 entrants began making great use of the newly released Source Filmmaker, Valve's proprietary animation software. With the 2013 awards, submissions consist exclusively of videos made using the tool.​
    And the awards go to...​
    BEST DRAMA- Till Death Do Us Part Two

    BEST ACTION - Chinatown Getaway

    BEST COMEDY - Disruption

    BEST SHORT - The Mann Co. Symphony

    BEST OVERALL! - Lil' Guardian Pyro

    Congratulations to all the winners!​
    A list of runners up can be found here, and a full list of all entries can be found here.​

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