• The Real Reason Tim Cook Was at Valve Headquarters

    Discussion in 'News' started by Chris_D, Apr 17, 2012.

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Discussion in 'News' started by Chris_D, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Stylo
    4th panel... His hands arms... What happened to his hands and arms?! D:
  2. Stigmata
    This isn't news.
  3. Chris_D
    It isn't? Aw, sorry boss.
  4. mechanicallizard
    I want one of those giant valves on the right in the last frame.
  5. Krynn72
    He's got the gangrene from being an Apple zombie.
  6. Stigmata
    My mistake. I thought the news feed might have some sort of guideline for acceptable content, like "contains information". Carry on.
  7. ríomhaire
    Oh dear I'm not going to like the headlines on Valvetime.net at all am I?
  8. Blacksky
    Im sorry, but i thoght this site was for NEWS, and not comics. This does IMO not belong on the frontpage - it belongs on either 4chan or a seperate area on Valvetime..
    Im sorry, but i really miss the old halflife2.net.
  9. Chris_D
    It contains a light-hearted satirical poke at the typical comments we've seen since all the Valve/Apple rumours started. I am very sorry you don't approve.
  10. Chris_D
    Oh, we'd have posted this on Halflife2.net too.
  11. Krynn72
    Man valvetime sux, im going back to hl2.net where they had standards and the staff cared what we thought.

    EDIT: Damnit Chris, you ruined my joke.
  12. Lobster
    You're wasting space with news like this! Paper doesn't grow on trees you know!!
  13. Stylo
    ...and we'll be back to debate more semantics surrounding the word "News" and make more demands about the placement of content after these commercials...
  14. Chris_D
    No commercials...

    But here, have another comic!

  15. Stigmata
    Just so I'm sure I have everything straight: Forums are for serious discussion only, no games or spam or imageposts allowed; and News is for comics and rumours. Correct?
  16. Chris_D
    No. You're incorrect.
  17. Krynn72
    Both of them are for comics and rumors.
  18. -smash-
    Ah, this makes much more sense.
  19. Damic
    Made me very hard laugh :D
  20. Raziaar
    It's Valvetime Stigmata.
  21. BabyHeadCrab
    More front page posts like this would be welcome I reckon.
  22. Vegeta897
    Ew, man.
  23. BabyHeadCrab
    Couldn't decide to upvote or downvote you for that. I enjoy the added innuendo but resent your disgust towards the erections of strangers.

    I'll settle for an upvote for now.
  24. Stigmata
    Pro boner? Thumbs up, pro bono.
  25. BabyHeadCrab
    Not a huge U2 fan, decidedly anti-Bono.
  26. Damic
    God damned Vegata, quote the whole post man.